Speak Up and Still Be Supportive? Hmmm


Can you speak up about what you perceive, give your input and yet still be supportive? Can you have collaboration, true connection, integration etc… when the other person is too scared to connect on any level, really connect?  These are questions that we might find ourselves facing in life, so what is the answer? Well nothing in life is ever cut and dry, not really.

If you are sharing your views etc..as just that. sharing and doing so because you truly care and also at the same time recognize that the other person may not want to change what they are doing, even if it’s not working then okay.  One might not see changes, not right away, but at least you know you spoke from the heart, cared enough to speak, to give your assessment, suggestions etc…If that person determines you have valid points and goes with it, great and if they don’t, well say lots of prayers, do lots of meditating on the positive and do your job the best you can.  If at any point you truly feel in your heart, spirit and soul you can’t stay, then well, you can’t stay.  At lease you will know you shared from the heart what you felt needed to be shared.  They might not be ready to handle all that sharing, that caring, support, so you may get silence back initially, but that’s okay.  You just keep doing what you were meant to do, do your best and keep praying and meditating on the positive.  What if you are in a collaborative, joint effort situation, and connection, collaboration, really connecting, having free flow communication is important to you in order to really make a success of things in full., really knowing the other is important to you?  What if the other person is not really there because of life issues, past traumas, current ones, or whatever?  I am not a fan at this stage of life of doing things lone ranger as I call it.  I am really looking for people and projects that there will be a real connection, real in depth collaboration, connection etc…, really getting to know the persons involved in the projects I am involved with, at least the key players in the project.  It matters a great deal to me and I feel that it matters to the success of whatever the project is that there be strong mutual connection, collaboration etc…If the other person is not ready for that, I can’t force it, can’t pry them open to connect etc…I can only reach out and be myself, offer my full support, be the best me I can be, pray and meditate.  At some point hopefully the protective walls will come down and there will be full connection, in depth collaboration etc…, but until then all I can do is be me, do my work, share my gifts, pray and meditate.  I have to trust that I will have the wisdom to navigate the waters and create a safe harbor for collaboration, connection etc.. in depth.  


Why The Need To Understand Judaism?

The Journey That is Life.

I have always sought to understand Judaism, was almost driven my whole life to it, while at the same time had a sense of awe, but resistance to Catholicism and I realized it is necessary to understand this for my spiritual journey to truly move forward.  I realized I am a crossroads here.  

I did not realize that in Judaism there were two notions on the lineage of Messiah or that there were several accepted Messiah’s, “Anointed Ones” as part of the tradition and that is why some accepted and others, Jews, rejected Jesus, part of the reason.   If there was no conflict in terms of Jesus being a Messiah as regards the faith of my family, my heritage, then why was I still so drawn to Judaism?   I was watching a program on the Mormon channel, Christmas Under the Starts and when they sand one of songs, with the background as Bethlehem and then another, it hit me, that ahha moment/  I want to understand Judaism, and Hillel to understand Jesus and thus the roots of my heritage Catholicism.  It’s important to me to understand the faith life Jesus would have lived, and his students, those he taught and ministered to under his guidance, as Jews would have lived as jews.  The Jewish roots of the faith, which Catholicism in different forms has held on to, mattes to me, having that understanding matters.  Then I thought, so why such a hard time accepting Catholicism, especially since I am one who listens to meditation, even creates her own meditations, listens to binaural bet healing meditations etc…, believes in strong spiritual gifts, has had God “convey” to me through dreams, so why would the mystic part of Catholicism be a problem, that can’t be it.  I had to really ask myself why, why do you resist it?  Ego, it’s ego because it is a hierarchy and there is a hierarchy of authority, and I like to do things my way, fly my own kite, go to the beat of my own drum, though I am on the Conservative side of things social issues and such, the authority thing for my ego is tough to swallow.  It really isn’t about theology, as I can’t say I have delved deep into the Church Fathers or anything like that, basic tenets, but not outside of the basics.  It is not really the theology, it’s EGO, not wanting to submit to this hierarchy of authority.  I have to say though, Pope Francis, with his compassionate take on those divorced etc.., potentially female deacons,. is making it a lot easier for me to not be so resistant.  

I thought the main issue was theology and really it is EGO, go figure, a human not embracing something due to EGO and resistance to authority, who would have thought huh?  Yup, pure EGO, and I think it’s time to let go of my EGO, not EGGO, EGO maybe in more ways than one.  I wish I had understood that in the past with a particular relationship.  Well, live and learn huh, live and learn.

Shalom and Amen