What’s Cooking?

I am seeing the holiday season before me and at the same time moving through this situation with my 96 year old mom not being okay and that tension is throwing out the window any botox treatment for my neck and shoulders.  I have done some heavy lifting, as mom only has help three days […]

Healing the Inner Hidden Self

  Many of us do not understand the inner self and the hurt and pain that we feel on the inside. If we understood our inner voices then we would better be able to deal with our inner ghosts. How we perceive ourselves plays a large role to play in the equation. All our past […]

It All Matters

Physical health matters and if that is compromised then quality of life can be also. You see we forget something crucial.  If your mental, emotional, spiritual health are not good, if you are living a life that is emotionally stressed consistently, have no spiritual center, no boundaries for how you life your life, or lifestyle, then the physical is […]

Unhealthy Boundaries 9 and 10

Your values are who you are, they are your identity.  If you don’t know what you stand for, will fight for, why you do so, means you have no identity, you are a piece of paper blowing in the wind, not firm, not solid. When someone tries to manipulate you, push you to compromise those values or […]

Happiness, Tips For the Journey PII

What other habits do successful and happy people share?  Patience and Ritual, not obsessive or religious necessarily.  Let’s start with patience.  We are an instant gratification society, so when working on a goal we can easily lose patience with even ourselves, with those collaborating with us on our goals, with everything around us.  We can […]

Biblical Reflection for Today

Today we look at Acts 1: 12-14 and the Gospel John 17:1-11 and these questions are good ones to ask ourselves, to reflect on in context of sacred scripture as guide. What are the objects of exercise of Christ’s authority? Why does this matter in our understanding of Christ, spirituality and living life? What state […]