Where Will I Focus It All?

As I look at my path of ministry, coaching, and all that jazz, beautiful jazz, I have to ask: ” well where to I want to focus, what do I want to focus on in my work?”  I realized that part of the reason we are so messed up is we are not being taught […]

Coaching Credentials

These are in addition to my credentials as a Metaphysical, Christian Minister, in Hypnotherapy, and as a holistic energy healing practitioner.  I am studying with udemy to certify as a transformational coach and in NLP. Group Coach Certificate Udemy Chakra Meditation Certificate Be Own Life Coach Self Hypnsis Group Coach Certificate Udemy Life Coaching 101 […]

Echoes of Path Not Taken

As I work with the church, as I realize I am on the right path as an artist and minister, as I connect with these artists I see echoes, the path not taken.  Why was that path not taken?  As I said in a previous post, this year my birthday has been a somber one […]

It All Starts With A Seed, Then Our Reaction etc..

A seed, one single seed, that’s where it starts, a notion, an idea, a single stirring etc… either from us or another.  That single seed can then lead to a series of other things, actions, reactions. God started with one phrase “Let there be light”, the “big bang” or whatever you want to call it […]

Do I Detour Due to the Dismissal of Others?

The Holy Spirit had stirred in me the goal of an arts ministry and of course again when anyone says ministry automatically the thought is church, religious institution. Recently I had the privilege of working a concert series at a nearby church, one of the first Italian ones in the neighborhood, and seeing it had […]