Amazing Grace – My Rendition

soaring eagle

It’s officially Memorial Day and to those who give of themselves, their life etc.. for liberty thank you.  This song I think is one of my favorites, and so with an improv tune and a thank you, as well as remembering my dad who served and was wounded, I give you Amazing Grace.  I will leave my sharing of my poem about faith and freedom for Independence Day, the one I wrote.


Canticle of the Sun


Appreciating creation and the Creator, forces of creation is important because if we can not value that, appreciate the beauty of nature, of love, love of parent and child , of animals and humans, vice versa, different things that make this universe wondrous, we can never appreciate our own gifts, talents or human life to the fullest.  I hope you enjoy this canticle.

Need Your Help, Youtube

Life and Liberty, God Bless America
The light shines within., going out in connection to the Divine Creator.

I’ve added new videos and hope to add new content each month and even add full length meditation products and ebooks you can purchase on this blog.  I need your help.  I would like to get my brand you tube channel, so I need subscribers.  I hope you will please subscribe to my channel  and please do check out the new videos

A Broken Hallelujah and A Bridge


A Broken Hallelujah.  When we think of love, many things are brought to mind, romantic things, maybe even sad things.  For those who have experience love in all its’ many facets, the full roller coaster, including the negative of it, when you come to a place of full maturity and finally are ready for real love, what is that to you?

For me, as I pray to the lord for a companion to share my faith life with and my life with, a true companion, the phrase from this song, which is one of my favorites, A Broken Hallelujah, along with Bridge Over Trouble Waters, personify what it is.  That phrase, a Broken Hallelujah is what I bring to the table and that song Bridge Over Troubled Waters personifies what I think mature love is about, being for each other in Christ a bridge over troubled waters, as well as an inspiration and that kick in the tukkus when necessary as well, in a loving way, but as necessary.   Love how music can inspire, also give you a way of putting things into words for people that perhaps you couldn’t otherwise do.

Angels, May You Feel Them Near


I came across this and wanted to share it with you.  Angels are here to help us, to offer assistance, to be messengers, battle for God on our behalf, sometimes they are of the angelic nature, but sometimes angels are right here on earth in the flesh and I hope when God puts one before us we can recognize him or her and be grateful.  I hope we can discern true light angels from those that pretend to be of the light, but are actually deceiving, leading us down a path of perdition.

The Plan -Coaching and Arts

Life and Liberty, God Bless America
The light shines within., going out in connection to the Divine Creator.

I want to figure out how to best approach the artist and coaching path, which in a way I see as connected and both matter to me, very much. I have worked out a plan for this, as planning wisely is important in life. Here is what I plan and I hope to see it come to fruition.


  • Continue to offer songs and poems on the blog
  • WIth your financial support, this is crucial, create greater quality of work
  • With your financial support, periodically create video pieces as well


  • Continue sharing my personal life experiences through this blog
  • Create short meditations you can listen to anytime on this blog, and should be able to download, as I know everyone is pressed for time in our society these days
  • Create longer meditations for when you can take more time for yourself perhaps on weekends, those would be for sale on my Bandcamp site, higest quality mixed and mastered works, with your help and support
  • See what else in time the spirit leads me to offer

I could offer everything for sale, but I don’t really want to, I really would like with your help to offer what I can on this site to as many people as possible.  Not everyone has the ability to go out there and pay for a Coach and even buy books of poetry and enjoy music performance, so with your help, we can bring poetry and more to a wide audience.  Thank You.



May I Never Be The Elephant Holding On



I was reading something and the person mentioned elephants, the fact that they have an amazing memory, sometimes don’t sleep for days.  Good thing? Hmmmm

No, not really because he then wondered if they were being haunted by nightmares of the past, and could not let go of what was.  It is not uncommon to hold on to that past, that memory of what the past has put us through, that indignation of it, even of our own not so wise choices.  We might up stuck and living in the past, running around trying to run from it, and we may stare at ceiling as the past and the pain of it run rings around us in our heads.  We might think of what we could have done and didn’t do, could have been and weren’t etc… etc… etc…  Memory can be a good thing, can help keep us organized, but it can also hold us hostage.  They can be like parasites with their tentacles into us that drain us, keep us from focusing on the great life we are meant to have, should have, could be having and building, which is not a good thing and not what God would want.  I hope I am never an elephant.  I hope this piece I came across and am sharing with you will help you release memories, cords, thoughts etc.. that are toxic and move on, forward to thrive, shine, prosper etc.., most of all to love, open your heart and love truly and completely and be loved that way as well.  


Angels Holy Grace


Angels are messengers, they are assigned tasks and they carry them out. Angels can come in many ways and forms.  We sometimes think of angels as the ones who give and are always nice etc.. Angels even on the earthly plane can be those who realize you are stuck in the past, have patterns that you need to change in your life and they kick your tukkus as far across the ocean symbolically speaking to wake you up and help you move forward etc…Appreciate them in all their forms.