New Release This is my latest release.  When life seems to babe getting me down I will meditate, take my heart etc.. to the alter, or listen to music.  Both are a way for me to connect to the alter o the divine, the sacred, particularly songs that feel a story and touch my heart.  I hope you enjoy this […]

Deep Meditation Music for Troubled Individuals

There are as we know different personality types, one of them being Type A personality.  Getting someone like that to really relax is hard, like pulling teeth, but what if they are true music lovers?  If they are then  guess what, there is a solution.  As we know, many forms of meditation apply to many […]

My Music and Poetry, Visit Me I hope you will check out my arts site,  poetry and song and that you will give your feedback.  I can only improve in the context, content etc.. of my work with honest feedback.  Please if you can spare a moment or two, I would love to hear from you on bandlab and […]

21 Songs….

People with Autism and sometimes, even you and me   can’t handle too much stimulus and can thus get very agitated, lose focus etc.. in situations that provide too much stimulus, so parents, spouses, co-workers etc.. can use music to calm them down, get them to a calm place within, as can we ourselves, but […]

Amazing Grace – My Rendition

It’s officially Memorial Day and to those who give of themselves, their life etc.. for liberty thank you.  This song I think is one of my favorites, and so with an improv tune and a thank you, as well as remembering my dad who served and was wounded, I give you Amazing Grace.  I will […]

Canticle of the Sun

  Appreciating creation and the Creator, forces of creation is important because if we can not value that, appreciate the beauty of nature, of love, love of parent and child , of animals and humans, vice versa, different things that make this universe wondrous, we can never appreciate our own gifts, talents or human life […]

Need Your Help, Youtube

I’ve added new videos and hope to add new content each month and even add full length meditation products and ebooks you can purchase on this blog.  I need your help.  I would like to get my brand you tube channel, so I need subscribers.  I hope you will please subscribe to my channel  […]

Youtube, Hope You’ll Visit

Kahty Appello I set up my youtube channel where I will be bringing you poetry, song and we will see what else the spirit moves me to bring you.  Here is the thing, to get a brand channel rather than this link of letters and numbers I need 100 subscribers, so I hope you will […]

A Broken Hallelujah and A Bridge

  A Broken Hallelujah.  When we think of love, many things are brought to mind, romantic things, maybe even sad things.  For those who have experience love in all its’ many facets, the full roller coaster, including the negative of it, when you come to a place of full maturity and finally are ready for […]