I Shed a Tear or Two

Last night, as once again a longtime virtual friend was not connecting though online, I suddenly felt this sense of mourning, and I shed a tear, or more than a tear.  That cascaded into more tears, as I suddenly found myself thinking of other lost friendships, and what I have lost from the fibromyalgia.  I […]

Ascension, Disbelief and Life

Here they are as Jesus is brought back home, but his return is glorious, he is transformed, yet those who knew him for a good while are in first in disbelief that He resurrected initially, then in a sense that He was ascending and their response is fear, locking themselves away, though He had promised […]


When we have a strong connection with someone that is immediate, electrifying, where as an empath you can pick up what is going on with them even though you are not in direct contact.  I have had the fortune of having such a connection and it still continues, a  spiritual, creative connection.  I don’t know […]

Musings, Sacrifice

Each year I watch the PBS Memorial Day Concert and each year I cry, remember my Dad who left when I was kid, not that he left, but his service, his being wounded,  who would state into space, off in another world, often.   Even after he left, when I would go see him weekends […]

What Makes For Beauty?

When we think of beauty, we often think of the physical, for women we have been conditioned to look for tall, dark and handsome in a relationship, and whatever else we may have been taught by others, by society to consider beauty.  Are some looks etc. more appealing to us than others?  Sure, we all […]

Musings of the Day

Senator Hirono decided to school 8th graders on their abortion rights and abortion under attack.  If this weren’t so sick, ti would be just plain sad.  Think about the state of our society, the deterioration as in the Days of Noah, about how there are those who are seeking to teach kindergarten children about the […]

Musings On Laws and Hearts

First off, let me say I am staunchly Pro-life.  I am love the world Pro-Choice because it is not really accurate, especially if: 1. The father of the child has no say in what happens 2. the unborn child has no voice, no say, no one to speak for him or her 3. The Planned […]

Musings On…

I love the oxymorons and hypocrisy of humanity, not love it, but the sheer theatre and stupidity of it is “huh?” and “WTH?” “Seriously?”.  Take reproductive rights, love that one, and woman’s right to choose, and women’s health.  Reproductive, reproduce is part of that correct, and now correct me if I am wrong, and this […]