Biology Vs Feelings, Nothing New?

We hear so much now about transgender, LGBT, and think this is new stuff.  Well, no it isn’t.  Even in scripture we see it, God deals with it, addresses it, as do the prophets.  The struggle between biology and “feelings” or distorted perceptions is nothing new.  God knew this could happen at some point and […]

Natural Ways to Heal Anxiety

Let’s Face it, anxiety and depression can knock on anyone’s door so I wanted to share this with all of you.   11 NATURAL WAYS TO TREAT ANXIETY AND DEPRESSION MARCH 31, 2017 BY LAURA   Fighting anxiety, depression, or the combination of both is no easy task. The good news is that there really are so […]

New Poem New Poem You Stand Tall And Proud You stand tall, and proud, rooted in the ground, with trunk, branches and leaves. Your arms outstretched to all and green leaves adorn you and cover you, As you sway to and fro, while the wind gently caresses you, and blows through your boughs. You give shade […]

New Poem-Sample

Gentle Breeze You move the papers across the way. You swoosh, swoosh, swosh, through the trees And rustle their branches and their leaves. You work your way through the crown and nature, On this low cast summerday. You’re such a sweet thing are you not gentle breeze? I wrote this as I was sitting outside […]