I very much want to create a real wellness hub, one where you can have not only the blog posts, but also products to assist in the wellness journey.  When you are finding your path to create something like this, it can be a bit of a winding road.  Here is what is going on […]

What’s Cooking?

There is stuff happening, and I love sharing with all of you what is going on, so here it is and here is what I plan.  To begin, I have been signed to a non-exclusive one year deal with Bentley Records, which ouuld lead to an exclusive deal.  Here is what I have planned.  I […]

What’s Going On-Upcoming

What am I planning, working on?  Good question and here is what I am working on: Making changes to this site, minor changes at this point Planning to re-open the store in September Products I am going to be focused on are: meditations, spoken word material and e-books, some written by me and my ghostwriter […]

Opportunity Knocking

We often chase opportunity and it eludes us, but sometimes when we just let go and trust God, opportunity comes to us.  I did an interview for Business Talk Radio and today I get a call that I am being given the opportunity to be a co-host, create a whole new show around coaching and […]


Tomorrow I am having my partial hysterectomy and then there will be recovery period, but even as that is going on I have been a busy bee:   I am #1 in ranking on Number1Music, and I hope you have gone to the site and become subscribers That tells me I am doing something right […]

Making Changes

I have been working on getting all the ducks in a row, and so I made a few decisions: I got rid of my youtube channel, got a vimeo one instead I got rid of soundcloud and will be getting rid of bandlab as well, that account also I will be focusing on my Number1Music […]

News, What’s Up?

What is on the horizon, What am working on? Potentially Re-activating the store one here Offering a free product or two each month The rest in the series would be for purchase Store will offer not only meditations for sale, but also related e-books,  seminars, and my artistic works If not selling on here, still offer […]

What Is Coming?

Hi everyone, I wanted to give everyone a peek at what is coming up. Blog wise upcoming topics will include: Arts and healing More in depth look at the 12 Spiritual Laws In addition, I will be reviving the store and will be offering: Meditation Audio Series Seminars/lecture on topics connected to the meditations Of […]

Preview of the Week Ahead

What’s on the horizon, what’s coming up: More In-depth look at Boundaries – I am going to go more in depth on boundaries in different areas of life Checking in Meditation – a meditation for checking in with yourself, you can do this at the start and end of the day, also to relax Boundaries […]

Charitable Annuity or Trust

As I think about the legacy of tomorrow, and what K Appello Coaching wants to do to be a wise steward of the financial support others provide to this Hub, I feel that wise stewardship would be investing in a charitable annuity or trust, making sure it reflects certain values, integrity.  There are areas I […]