Bonding with Sons

I posted tips for bonding with girls, and what about boys?  This gives good tips for mom’s to bond with sons, and I hope they are helpful. Parents can be fearful of the world, want to put kids in a bubble, a cocoon etc.. They may also be expecting perfection in all things, especially families […]

Raising a Teenage Daughter

Let’s face it, teens can seem to be aliens from another planet and with all the pressure and bullying they can face these days, it’s nuts.  How do you handle living with a teenage daughter?  Though I have no kids, I was an ESL instructor and have observed stuff in my over 50 years on […]

Keeping Them Occupied

Often parents are trying to figure out how to keep their toddlers busy, especially on bad weather days.  Young kids need to be taught some crucial lessons and if parents can engage in activities where they also learn and grow as they help their kids to grow.  I see how my neighbor, now a single […]

The Tantrums

Let’s face it, everyone has tantrums or such moments, and as a parent, or even a bystander  you cringe especially when a toddler has a major tantrum around others.  You can’t avoid kids getting upset, so what do you do?  Have to nip it in the bud before that behavior even starts and you that by […]

Baby Cries, Huh?

One of the things that a first time parent should probably develop is fine tuned hearing and I am going to create a meditation for that.  When babies cry, especially for a first time parent, it’s like going into a maze, it’s a mystery, what does that cry mean? Even with adults sometimes figuring out […]

How to Connect..

Bonding they say should be an automatic thing, in terms of mom and baby, but that’s not always an immediate thing.  Any number of factors can interfere with that immediate bonding, so what if a new mom doesn’t feel that all warm, fuzzy, ecstatic woo hoo bonded thing right away?  What then, do you feel […]

Parenting a Toddler – Optimization Tips

Parenting is an amazing journey.  As I think back to what my mom had to navigate, as a single mom after the divorce, and in general parents navigating their parenting journey, it’s pretty amazing.  For new mom’s there is naturally anxiety, which we all have entering new situations.  Often sleep and feedings are something that can be […]

Reality Check PII

Respect, more than money, what a lot of people crave is respect, but contrary to popular belief, it is not automatic.  Respect of the office, of the position, the title might be, but the respect of the person in that role etc.. is never automatic, that has to be earned by keeping your word, promises […]

Come Close Little One

As kids are going up, security is important and not just financial, which don’t get me wrong is an aspect of it, but is just a piece of the puzzle.  Security also means being validated for your gifts, talents, potential, being heard, concerns being heard, not to say the kids decide major decisions for the […]

Why So Angry?

When kids get angry, throw tantrums, the automatic sometimes knee jerk reaction is anger right back at them, and frustration, which is understandable, especially if they are young, are not able to really communicate what is going on internally or feel they can’t do so.  As a parent you don’t want an out of control […]