Autumn Leaves

Autumn leaf color is a phenomenon that affects the normal green leaves of many deciduous trees and shrubs by which they take on, during a few weeks in the autumn season, various shades of yellow, orange, red, purple, and brown. In some areas of Canada and the United States, “leaf peeping” tourism is a major […]

In Broad Daylight

  In Broad Daylight is a rather nostalgic poem, hope you like it.

I Am Not Gone

As I read this poem I came across a few things came to mind.  I thought of all those we have lost to war, to illness etc.. and was encouraged by those who had embraced Christ, embraced moral ethical boundaries and truths of Scripture.  I also had sadness for those that had not, those that […]

A Bond So Pure

This is one my latest pieces.  There are those that from the first moment you cross paths with, there is an instant flow, connection, beautiful thing.  Not even a sexual thing, something that inspires you, they inspire you to move forward with your gifts, talents etc.., an inspirational bond.  Those are the most beautiful.  Enjoy.