When I wrote two new poems and recorded a Pablo Neruda poem.  I hope they inspire you, enjoy.

Rising of the Moon

Let’s think beautiful thoughts with the rise and setting of the moon for a better tomorrow. An amazing poem ambient by the Meditation Music club. Get inspired!! Help Keep The Blog Up and Running. Donate Today To Support THe Katherine Appello Inspiration Ministry. DONATE NOW

There is always a presence

  Listen to this inspirational piece from Katherine Appello and be blessed.   Help Keep The Blog Up and Running. Donate Today To Support THe Katherine Appello Inspiration Ministry. DONATE NOW  

Connect With the Sun

We have just come out of Passover and Easter, which speak of freedom and of redemption.  Life is about cycles, about getting caught in traps, maybe of our own egos, then seeking freedom and redemption.  For that to happen, that freedom we need to see each day as a potential sunrise, find that fire within, […]

Letting Go

Regret could have, should have and all that, well it plays like a loop at times and I have to purposely remind myself to let go, release the regrets, the could have and should have.  I have to make a conscious effort, via prayer, via meditation.  Letting go doesn’t come naturally and I am still […]

My Music and Poetry, Visit Me

  https://www.bandlab.com/katherine_appello I hope you will check out my arts site,  poetry and song and that you will give your feedback.  I can only improve in the context, content etc.. of my work with honest feedback.  Please if you can spare a moment or two, I would love to hear from you on bandlab and […]

People Aren’t Homes

If I look back and look at my life, lack of a life partner, I have to look at a few things as to why that lack of a life partner to share it all with long term, lack of  healthy union long term with that special someone.  This poem is a good start.  My […]

New Beginnings

As I thought of what I wish for myself, I came across this poem and so as I wish this for myself, in addition to a few other things dear to my heart, including to unite with the man who is my trust soulmate, I also wish these things for you.  May 2019 bring New […]

Come Close, Let’s Sit Awhile

This is the essence of a parent, especially for a young child and this is also, in essence, the way God, Christ, and the Holy Spirit hope we can achieve a relationship with them, this kind of union.  I have to admit it’s not an easy journey always and we may slip in and out […]