I begin this week with this prayer for all of us. May we be all God made us to be, and always align with his truths, not those of man when they are contrary to those of the creator. 

Knot Prayer

Knots, pesky when in your hair, or when things get tangled up, cords and such.   If you  are at sea and knots are not the right kind, that might cause some problems.  Knots what are we do to with you?  This prayer offers great advice.  What drew me to Read more…

Prayer, An Act of Love, Yes.

This caught my eye just now.  Prayer is a big part of scripture and most spiritual tradition have some form of prayer, mantras, something to that effect.  Why?  I I suppose prayer says a few things, especially when you pray for those that have done you harm, pray for justice, Read more…

Prayer in Times of Panic

Life throws us curve balls, snowballs, all kinds of stuff we don’t see coming and evens ome we do see coming, but if we get in a twist we don’t see solutions, so we need to get calm and centered and prayer can go a long way in that.