Young People, All Is Not Lost


When I think all is lost with the younger generation, I come a cross something like this and my hope is restored for them and even for the Church perhaps, including the Catholic Church.  This young lady understands the dangers of relativism to our society.  Hoorah!


Please listen and let us all learn, let us fight to reverse this ugly trend in schools in all facets of society that has done so much damage and continues to do so, and seeks to eradicate all truth of our foundations as a nation.  If you look at all four stanzas of our national anthem you will understand them, what they are.

Beauty, Goosebumps, Close to Tears

Holy Ghost

Yesterday as we celebrated the Latin Rite Mass at Shrine of the Most Precious Blood in Manhattan, with the Latin Chant etc.., goosebumps, almost cried at one point for the beauty of it.  I also thought of the direction the RCC has taken to be PC and be of the world. the mass exodus to them more staunch Lutheran faith, or conservative truth like it or lump it Evangelical, this article I had come across came to mind.

I also thought of how this parish has been having its’ own struggles, how it has so much potential being so rich in artistic and Italian history to thrive.  We have various fellowships and societies that have affiliated with us, including the Constantinian Order of St. George and others, who have these beautiful Masses at our parish, who understand the reality of this very article, the truths of it.  I thought about what had been done so far to try and bring people into the parish and recalled afterwards my conversation with several of the Society and Fellowship leaders prior to Mass.  It dawned on me that the problem with what has been done is that it is not connected to a concrete cause, nor to Context, to Catholic, Biblical and Evangelization Context.  It was not bringing people back to the roots of the faith, of the identity of the parish itself. Surprisingly people want church, not modern junk, but church, real tell it to me like it is padre, church, not mean spirited but like it is.  They want programs that will make them feel like family in and through Christ, not man, in true communion with Christ through the liturgy, liturgical music, fellowship and evangelization, studying together  They want beauty and truth in a world that does not offer that, they would like a strong identity, one which only the church can provide in Christ, and a truth that is not a shape shifter, but stays consistent throughout time.  This is why many are leaving to go Lutheran and Evangelical, to get back to what they feel is the root, evangelizing, making disciples, truth, gospel truth, and activities that are in line with the Gospel, not the secular world.  

What can I do to help bring the parish, the church I am in, as music coordinator, member of the parish to its’ roots?  I am going to work with these societies and fellowships to make sure that activities engaged in are connected to 1. A Cause 2.Scripture 3. Liturgy and the Mass 4. Solid PR  I pray to the Lord that I can achieve this and help bring the parish back to full life, help make it a home for those who may have left the faith, those seeking a true traditional Catholic home.  For that to happen I realize cause, and context are crucial and unless we get very focused in this regard and a solid PR strategy to get word out that Tradition, Heritage and also Innovation is alive at this parish whatever we do won’t be known to anyone.  I hope to make sure it is known far and wide.


Focus, Maturity, Does that Mean Dull?

soaring eagle

When we think of focus, maturity, grown up, stability, and if you say that to a “young person” they roll their eyes and think “dull city”, no way do they want to hear that.  In today’s snowflake climate, yes I am using that word, get over it, no one wants to do any of that, get focused in a good way, mature, grow up and take full accountability for their life, streamline their activity etc… For the longest time in my life, neither did I.  

I believed that commitment to one thing, making a choice for one path in career, in spirituality etc.., even marriage, that major covenant, scared me to death, though I had not realized it, not really, not to what extent I had not grown up enough to be able to be like an eagle and soar to achieve my full potential and the path I was meant to follow.  The path I was meant to follow was that of ministry through the arts, while honoring my culture.  However, I now realize that in order to have true freedom, I have to have true structure, clarity of path, of boundaries, streamlining of activity, of thought, philosophy and worldview.  There has to be clarity in all these things, not based on what anyone says I ought to have, not because I want to be liked or want to “feel like I belong” to a click or anything.  It has to come from true divine inspiration, meditative prayerful contemplation and study, so there is a inductive and deductive, also heart and spirit conclusion to my worldview, my vocational path understanding, to releasing my fears, baggage, so that I don’t ever do busy for the sake of busy.  Is my growing up etc…. dull and boring? NO, just the opposite.

Now I am focused on my catholic and Italian heritage, on music and the arts within that community, really delving into it, giving it my all, connecting to it heart body spirit and soul.  With this I can start to focus my music on the deeply spiritual, on the faith based, and my activities can be focused on really exploring and enjoying my culture, connecting to others who love the culture, who revel in it.  That can be very inspiring to me on many levels.  I can have peace and enjoy life day to day, smell the coffee so to speak and though the fibromyalgia is ever present, it doesn’t really have to take over life, even if I have to make adjustments to accommodate.  With a structure of self discipline, of decluttering my life on many levels and focusing it, streamlining it, I can focus my creativity, my energies, really flourish in what I am meant to do.  For my personal life, for connecting with my twinflame soulmate, that will make a huge difference because I will likely be in the right place to connect with that person and they with me, so everything I am meant to have in my life, to achieve, I will.  If I were scattered, fragmented still that would not be the case, not be likely, so growing up, maturing, focusing, streamlining all of that does not mean dull, or boring it means the opposite. Growing up, focusing, clarifying once and for all on a number of things was a true blessing and I pray I will thus be a blessing to many others in my lifetime.


Baptism of Fire, What It Means?

Baptism of Fire

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Holy Spirit Meditation

Today those in the Christian faith, even the Metaphysical Christian faith celebrate Pentecost.  What does it mean from a spiritual, metaphysical, metaphorical etc.. viewpoint to be filled with the Holy Spirit, to have a fire baptism of the Holy Spirit as the disciples of Christ were said to have had?

Metaphysically God the Father is the Principles architect, the son is the creative plan in action and the Holy Spirit is the personality of the incarnate plan.  It is the spirit of God’s laws in action, the active force of thought and action, of being, acting and reacting in truth of God’s laws with right boundaries, wisdom and understanding.  The Holy Ghost is the force and aspect of self that does the speaking, searching, selecting, revealing, reproving, testifying, leading, confronting, and comforting  to every man knowing God fully, his boundaries, laws and truth.  That truth can only be known when the Ego is put aside, when the heart, spirit and soul come together as one.  For that deep connection of heart, spirit and soul at any great depth to occur and be able to really discern without any outside clatter, fear has to be released and ego, which is where the Holy Spirit, that spirit of truth of God comes in.

How is connection to the Holy Spirit beneficial to one’s daily life?   Most of us are looking to know from a practical standpoint not just a spiritual one, what is the role of the Holy Spirit, once the Ego and immaturity are not dominating, once we are not fragmented by Ego and immaturity?  That is a good question and here are some:

  • Deeper spirituality
  • Deeper maturity
  • Deeper empathy
  • Right empathy
  • Wisdom and leadership development
  • Understanding of boundaries for living
  • Connection to the Trinity within, heart, body, mind connection and externally, Father, Son and Holy Ghost connection
  • Bestowing of and development of spiritual charisms and gifts
  • Peace and comfort within through thick and thin personified thus we are that to others

This Pentecost, let us meditate for our Ego and Immaturity to be put aside, our fears to be put aside, conquered and our being to be filled with the Holy Spirit of creation and creativity, all things positive, creative, wise, truly wise, including boundaries, including respect for law and order, proper authority, for life.



What Can I Be Certain Of?

aspen trees

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We often hear about not seeing the forest for the trees and all that, right? We also have this tendency in life of constantly wanting guarantees, of wondering how can I be certain of this and that? What of the faith journey, of love, of anything?  

Let me begin with my faith, my Christian, Catholic faith.  I have been open in saying that there are certain things taught by the church that don’t jive for me, never will, they are man made, not Christ made, they are assumed and inferred.  What does that leave me with, what then can I be certain of?  Well it is not rocket science, not for me.  I am certain based on holistic biblical text, connection the dots of the following:

  • The Trinity
  • Sin is missing the mark in behavior and such
  • There is natural order of marriage, sexuality, of all things
  • The main role and job of the church is to teach on this and the power of the Trinity and prayer to help us maintain natural order and stay on the mark

Does this mean we always will, no, but we are not perfection, nor robots, we error, but we can be forgiven and get back on track, get second chances to get things in order somehow, even after we have missed the mark.  We don’t have to punish ourselves, stay and live miserable, that is never an option, ever.  That I also realize.

What of love, vocation, what of those?  In these areas I realize:

  • I can’t let the past determine the now or the future
  • I have to allow myself to love and be loved
  • I have make the Trinity, my faith the center of any relationship, not the religion per se, but the faith, the Trinity, prayer
  • I have to love the person for who they are and they have to love for who I am
  • We have to really be partners on so many levels, integrate into each others lives fully
  • It’s okay, that we can be as one and still be individuals, to not be afraid of that
  • My path is arts ministry, finding a way to combine the two for my joy and to fulfill The Great Commission is my path, one I should be more than ready to make

It’s such a blessing to have these realizations, even if later in life, but to have them and be ready to embrace them fully.  I hope to have someone to embrace them with in my life soon.


No Patience for the Snowflakes!

mourning us

As this campaign has unfolded and the reaction of academics, students etc…, I find myself at a loss and in mourning in a sense for my nation, not because of the election, but what it showed. 

We have Republic, not a democracy and there is a reason for that, so that big cities with big populations don’t always have all the say in political campaigns and who wins.  This is not a new process, yet you would think it had never been done and the sky was falling when the results came in.  Petitions to overturn the electoral and popular vote, both having gone to Trump, and then there were the “threats” and promises of leaving the USA if Trump won, though I don’t see all these people now packing and getting the hell out.  You had those in academia, even the faith community offer therapy with crayons, all kinds of stuff and even group hug therapy.  Exams were allowed to be skipped, classes to be ignored to go out and wreak havoc, blog ambulances, traffic, a whole bunch of nonsense taking place.  What it showed me was the death of America, near death, it being on life support, especially when mayors and governors encourage this nonsense, endorse it and even say they will not follow the law and continue to have “sanctuary” cities, taking an ordnance and now having twisted it into a crazy pretzel. 

I mostly have no patience for the snowflakes, which we find in the media, politics, youth and these snowflakes really are part of the death of a Republic that through blood, sweat and tears build an exceptional nation, a world leader.  However, with generations of over sensitive, paranoid, everything is victimization, phobia, discrimination, can’t handle the “trauma” of  a vote and the result of a normal to a nation process, I see a dim future for this nation  unless we start getting though on these snowflakes, toughen them up so they can handle not just a vote but every single zinger, thorn, storm etc… thrown at them and they won’t blink, but rather stand strong, and face it with great courage, not crayons and group hugs at every little tiny ripple in the pond.  If that is what awaits us in academia, journalism etc…, then we are doomed no matter who our POTUS  is, so it is time for all those in charge, including in academia to toughen up, get very much into Law and Order, Strict Original Intent, strong precedent Constitution, True Bill of Rights Understanding, Capitalist, Federalist, toughen yourselves up for goodness sake mode and fast, same with journalists and all those in authority, along with a good deal of spiritual wisdom to guide them on implementing all of this.  Our nation can not have generations of snowflakes and be a leader or a sovereign nation in control of itself, and also be a shinning light and leader to the world, so get moving everyone, enough with creating wusses and snowflakes!