Be Not Afraid….

What has held me back from realizing my goals, dreams, what God put in my heart to achieve to be His prophetic minister and artist?  I could say childhood baggage, and yes to some extent sure.  What was the root of it all? As I read the bible more regularly, there are certain phrases, themes […]

Smooth With Different Shades

  Smooth with different shades if brown, With legs, yet not legs, that keep you sanding and erect, With shades of green beside you. You provide sanctuary for those weary and beed a rest.   Smooth with different sades of brown, You invite us to sit a while, even if just for a moment.  You […]

Sabbath Reflection

  As I make my faith journey, I realize my anchor, more is Christ and that when I hear Christian Hymns, especially instrumental I find a peace, a joy, a letting go that I don’t find with any other venue.  I realize that Christ is my anchor and I could never turn away from that. […]

Law of Rhythm

  Law of Rhythm and Physical Wellness Law of Rhythm states that everything vibrates and moves to certain rhythms. These rhythms establish seasons, cycles, stages of development, and patterns. Each cycle reflects the regularity of God’s Universe. Masters know how to rise above negative parts of a cycle by never getting to excited or allowing […]

Real Confidence Continued

Silence can be very valuable, but it can also be scary.  We may feel scared of stillness, silence, being alone with ourselves.  With all the stuff swirling around us, and in our heads being able to stay in silence with ourselves whether in a park quietly, or a faith institution, someplace conducive to that, it’s […]

Hypersensitivity, Oy!

Yesterday I get a call from my gastroenterologist about the result of my BRAVO test, trying to figure out my acid reflex and all that even though I am on two meds, and watch what I eat.  The conclusion reached is hypersensitivity of the digestive system due to the fibromyalgia, so now with medication,  until we can figure […]

Healthy Boundaries 11 & 12

Healthy Boundaries 11 & 12 I am going to be recording some of the material and presenting it in this format.  For previews of topics to come, please check my twitter and instagram: kappellocoaching I look forward to going more in-depth on the issue of boundaries and also delving into financial management and other topics […]

Unhealthy Boundaries 1 and 2

Telling all, trusting everyone, or trusting no one.  Sharing is in and of itself not a bad thing, but one needs to be discerning about what is shared with whom. Also, at times circumstances, profession might influence how much is shared.  There is also the consideration of how quickly do you share what information.  As […]

Dreaming of Christmas Yet to Come

  Tonight the Eve of Christmas we will gather all together, We will gather in a sea of and a crowd of voices, And most likely rather than just kin, as it should be, There will also be a myriad of acquaintances and friends, Not enough chairs, so some will be left standing, plate in […]

Gratitude Prompts, Living in the Light

As we go through the holidays, it can be so easy to see what we lack, what is missing etc.., but Jesus said to be of good cheer, even in the midst of pain, be of good cheer for he overcame this world, he did so via gratitude, via prayer, connection to the Father, his […]