Life Lesson 18 and 19 Achieving dreams and goals may seem to come easily for some and for some of us seems to take longer, may seem to be lots of junk to sort through, that’s not good or bad per se, it just is.   For some of us when Holy Spirit, the Shekainah places something in our […]

Prayer, An Act of Love, Yes.

This caught my eye just now.  Prayer is a big part of scripture and most spiritual tradition have some form of prayer, mantras, something to that effect.  Why?  I I suppose prayer says a few things, especially when you pray for those that have done you harm, pray for justice, not revenge, justice, also for […]

Together, But Apart, Ultimate …..

Together bound by a promise made long ago and a document, together, but not together, hmmm? Ultimate huh, WTH? It seems there is something called together but apart and “marriages” settle into that or maybe were that from beginning and didn’t realize it.  Marriage is supposed to be God anointed where he brings two true […]

Life, Creative Partner, BFF

When I think of a partner, I think of someone who will see me as his equal and who I will see as my equal.  What does that mean?   Doesn’t mean what crap modern feminists today mean as equal.  I have enough sense to understand that if God wanted me to be a guy […]

We Don’t Have Education

Education has gone to the graveyard and it went to the graveyard the minute the government took over, the minute the initials NFP came in to existence. The minute that happened, all semblance of life skills and education took a nose dive.  Why?  First let me put forth what I see as education being.  Education […]