All Lives?

I see this commercial for CARE and the words, I agree with, every life is precious, but yet it is meaningless because in our world that is not true.  There is no care for, sense of precious life when that life is developing in the womb.  Some will say, it’s semantics, but words matter and […]

Crucial Decisions Most People Fail to Make When It Comes to Estate Planning

Recent events with the passing of my mom and now being a one financial resource household with my being on SSDI has brought home the reality of sound finances, how crucial that is and how crucial planning is.  If I had had this insight, understood this sooner, I would be in a much better position […]

How My Faith Is Grounding Me

  With mom passing, reality is a chunk of income is gone leaving me with a a financial hole and with being on SSDI, very limited income, and all my health issues at this time, I have to figure out how to pay the bills.  I could react with total panic, compromise my retirement funds, […]

What Now?

  I was diagnosed with stress related ulcers and there are several things that have contributed to the fibromyalgia and now this.  I will seek all the medical care necessary, but it has to go deeper, a lot deeper.  I have to start to truly live life, not just exist, need to really be alive, which with life […]

It’s Okay To….

I have this pain, this sense of something stuck in my chest, right below the breast cage, and the pain etc.. got so bad that yesterday at 2 am I had to go to the ER.  I have been really doing my utmost to keep it all together for mom’s funeral and sorting out a […]

Sweet Mother Mary

  Hi Everyone, I thought about how Mary must have felt, raising Jesus and as I thought of that, this came to mind.    

Between Rock and Hard Place

  Between a rock and a hard place is where I find myself.  Mom went onto hospital again, was found to have a number of issues that her Internist should have spotted, but missed.  Now, they were going to discharge her this weekend, but besides her having pain, I have the flu, and they wanted […]

Spiritual Awakening, Process

  Everyone wants to be enlightened, aware, and hopefully very wise, have right priorities, hope so anyway.  Often that road to really getting it, really understanding priorities, what really matters, a true union with the Creator, with the Divine, Holy, Sacred and those principles of life day to day do not come easily.  Often it […]

False Idols

False idols, easy to turn people, earth itself, nature, even people into idols, but the natural is not going to save you or me from our own stupidity, our inclination to do evil things, think even thoughts.  Meditation exists because there is the need to discipline the unruly selfish part of humanity.  Does that mean […]

What Happened To…?

  In ancient times, in Greece and Rome open debate, fierce debate was a welcome thing, part of education, this notion of debate, of back and forth, fiercely, not violently, but passionately, also with reasoning.  Education from elementary to higher education is supposed to be a place where there is an open exchange, and debate, […]