What Gets in the Way?

Thomas Jefferson Predicts

USA Precepts of Christian Faith

A lot has been swept under the rug and a lot done in the name of National Security, and for the welfare of the people.  Both parties have done it, but it seems the DNC makes a friggin habit out of it and as the Party veers more and more Left, as Academia shows more and more contempt for the non elite, we see what Jefferson predicted unfolding right before our eyes.  We see it with the rise of the ignorant lost souls such as Ocasio Cortez, a truly lost soul, but that loss of soul etc..poses a danger to the Republic, not the person, the ideology, the mindset, the Disneyland give away everything, including the kitchen sink as the saying used to be.  What we the population give back to the nation and to the world in return? What will they contribute in sweat, blood and tears, not necessarily literally, but as close to it as you can get metaphorically?  A multitude of sins are being covered up, rights in the Bill of Rights destroyed in the name of equality, feel good for all, government swooping in and playing nanny, mommy and daddy, community, leaders of ethics, integrity, truth in the community nowhere to be found.  What else did the founders predict that we are seeing come to pass?  

Only for A Moral and Religious People


On the surface this might seem bigoted, but what was he saying? If you look at academia, the DNC, even some so called Conservatives, what Antifa and some are calling for, what is going on in the USA, you see a rejection of the Bill of Rights, business owners being sued for honoring their conscience, their Constitutional Rights. You see a hatred of our Constitution, our Capitalist Republic, the Anthem, the Flag, this rejection of what we are as a nation, what we were created to be, and it’s getting more and more vicious this hatred, this rejection. Pretty soon we will go down Germany’s road of put any gender you want on a birth certificate.  Excuse me, but no government does not decide biology or gender, God, nature do, based on anatomy, if there is a deviance, a dysphoria whatever, you treat the problem.  John Adams and others knew that if there wasn’t a true scriptural understanding of the framework of the Bill of Rights, it would be eroded, people would seek to destroy it.  We see that right openly happening.  The Founders didn’t create the Republic out of thin air, they referenced what they knew including scripture, and give us, if we were to follow it a near perfect form of governance. 

What gets in the way? in any nation you can have the most wise, fair, scripturally etc.. based laws, statutes, but you still have to contend with one thing, humanity, human behavior, human viewpoints that differ with God’s, with each other’s, humanity, each other, life issues, emotions all of which can derail any and all good intentions of even of even the best laws.  The founders understood that if you had no sacred boundaries, no understanding of the Republic, the sources for founding it, and didn’t honor the structure etc.. of the Republic based on scriptural basis of governance, discipline etc…the Republic would cease to exist.  Pity we don’t have that same understanding.   OY!


Actions Have Consequence


What’s the big deal, take a knee or take a bow, land of the free, home of the brave right? Not that simple.  Actions have consequence, especially actions that have lousy timing, that say to those who put their lives on the line each and every day in different ways, “screw you, because of a few bad apples, we are going to ruin the game for fans and publicly spit in your face”  Actions have consequence, and you can’t get all Antifa, BLM like on the field, We The Patriots and they the Fans, won’t tolerate it.  We will strike back, and do so where it hurts most, the pocketbook.  There are now signs in bars that used to show NFL games saying that due to the disrespect shows our country, our flag etc.. those locations will not longer be showing NFL games.  They know they will take a financial hit, but they are patriots above all and do not take kindly to this kind of crap. 

I have had winding journey in my spiritual life etc.., but even within that, I stood firm in Christ, in God and Country, you honor God, Flag, Anthem, Country, those who gave their life for it past and present.  If you don’t stand for at least some of these core things, you stand for nothing.  Why? enveloped in that are certain values, certain principles and an understanding that yes we should stand up to wrong, but there is a time, a place, a way.  For example marching wearing masks, hiding like cowards, carrying any kind of weapon, ready to destroy property, to attack law enforcement for doing their job and protecting everyone on the scene etc…, calling for the destruction of the nation you live in and benefit from, that says you have no character other than a rotten one, an immature one, nothing good can come out of you, or what you do.  Tearing a country apart as those on the Left are doing, rather than One Nation Under God Indivisible etc.. has consequences, and I hate to think if things keep going as they are what those consequences will end up being.

Founding Fathers, Christianity, Immigration Ummmm?

lonely evneing road

Social Justice Warriors and Others will insist that the Bible and God want Open Borders, that Borders, Nations etc.., that it’s fine to enter nations illegally if things at home are tough, lawbreaking is fine.  They will argue nations all of that is an invention of mankind, not of God.  Here’s the problem with that, they aren’t reading scripture, the Bible, not any Christian Bible, not God’s scripture.  Here is a holistic and accurate perspective: 


Then they will say the Founding Fathers were all for immigration, no problem, well no, they were not.  Not that they didn’t want any immigration, but they had real concerns about uncontrolled immigration and they were right about it ripping at the fabric of and destroying the Republic, we are witness to this.  In addition to which we enable all kinds of sins and crimes by not having iron clad borders, radical immigration overhaul etc… The founders had had something to say about the subject, notice what the judge had to say, we seeing anything like this now? hmm?  There are other quotes about assimilation or going back home they made, and if you then take this, their concerns, their overall sentiments about the Constitution, Democracy and Republicanism, you understand that open borders, and this mob democracy that the Left is egging on and the Democrats, with the cooperation of even some RINO Republicans is not what the Founders and others shed blood, sweat and tears for.



When we approach the subject of borders, security, immigration and the Constitution, who we are asa nation, let these quotes, let the values and concerns of the founders be taken very seriously and holistically. 


This Caught My Eye



Why did this catch my eye?  One of the themes that keeps coming up in my classes as I study to be a Coach and NLP Practitioner is strategy and the other focus.  Those two keep coming up. I thought about social media twitter, fb etc… Don’t get me wrong I believe they can be of great use, but as I keep finding out, they can also be a huge distraction, something I think is happening also to our POTUS.  I had set up for the third time a twitter account for the purpose of sharing my blog, the bandcamp site with my music and poetry, etc…,, which is also about sharing the Gospel tweet as part of my volunteering for the organization I am with that fights bullying and human trafficking.  I got sidetracked, how by engaging in discussion on twitter.  The problem with online discussion is it’s all bitesize, you can’t really convey the full meaning and context of your message unless you add a few attachments, memes and all that.  I deactivated my old account an once again am starting from scratch with a new account @KANYARTIST which I just set up today.  I will seek this time to stay focused and not get caught up in anything that steers away from what my purpose is for using social media.


Yes, I Am Worthy

You don't need



As I read this I thought wow a lot fo it, that’s me, that’s where I am at, and what I have come to understand.  I tell myself daily to get over it, whatever it is, and get moving with life, with living, being a warrior for inspiration, all that.  I realize time is precious and it can’t wasted with people who are not 100% honest and sincere, who want to play games etc…. If people come with truth, honesty, sincerity, open heart, then I welcome them.  I realize I am very much loved, loved by my creator and no greater love can there be, if I truly am open I can feel Him and all of heaven with me.




Collapse and Rebirth?

crumble is birth



Today I had to go for a bone density test and MRI of both knees, and it took two yours total, and the MRI of my knees not comfy as I have lower back issues to having to be there on my back and not move for an hour was very uncomfy.   How was I not ready to jump out of my skin?  Well, I asked for music, classical light music, so I allowed my conscious mind to set itself aside and make way for my subconscious mind.  

Fibromyalgia, let’s face is is not a fun journey by any means, but I had two choices lay there and be miserable, or go into a meditative state and see if I gained any insight and once again that project for the wellness wheel came rushing through and last night I received a call from and old friend who is a very experienced hypnotherapist and wants to collaborate.  I have been praying, meditating for God to unite me with people of integrity and ethics to collaborate with.  Last night I get the call.  Today as I was getting the MRI, I decided, breathe, relax, meditate, release, let go, and drift into a place of discernment, connect with the Holy Spirit and that is what I did and the time flew by.  The other instinct I have is that any political activism or campaigning candidates and their surrogates do in the GOP must be tied to The Trump MAGA Platform of Conservatism.  This nation can not go the other way, the way of thinking free stuff because nothing is free, even Venezuela’s government has now admitted Socialism is a failure.  I can be scared for my country, and do nothing or be a voice that speaks up, even if it’s not popular, doesn’t matter.  I can seek a group that understands this as I do and that the National Platform of MAGA must be tied into any advocacy etc.. done locally for Conservatism, who understand that Republican is not good enough, to save America Freedom Caucus, MAGA Republican is what’s needed, looks for and backs those candidates, fights for those candidates.  I could let the fibromyalgia make me obsolete, a nebulous presence in the universe, or a start that rises out of the ashes to fight hard for God and Country, that is up to me, that choice is mine to make and I choose option number two.  All in all it was a productive morning, even if a bit uncomfortable. 


Why Am I on Board with RNHA?

soaring eagle

Today I met up with some fellow MAGA patriots from the Republican National Hispanic Assembly, which welcomes Hispanics and Non Hispanics  Why is this fight so important to me? My faith of course which says i must steward this great gift given by the Lord which is America, all the ideals it encompasses, including law and order, without tyranny, still law and order.  There are other reasons as well. 

One is that poem about they came for so and so, I said nothing, then they came for me and there was no one left to speak, that poem.  My family has lived under fascism, dictatorship, socialism all that crap, so when the Democratic Party, any party starts to lean Socialist Marxist Communist, it scars the heck out me, and I know we are in a fight for the very soul of not only the survival of the Republic, One Nation Under One Flag, One Language, One Law and Order Constitution, Borders to be Respected, but also for the soul of current and future generations.  Why the soul of current and future generations?  Think of what is being taught by the Left? Normalizing Pedophelia by such groups affiliating themselves with Left leaning political groups, renaming it as adult child attraction some such nonsense.  The distrubing part is wanting to bring all these liberal “norms” into the classroom of even the youngest most impressionable minds, then we wonder why we have the I am Jazz’s of the world, all this gender dysphoria etc..all over the place it seems.  Can we let children just be children, not brand them with adult ideas, just teach them math, science, all the wonders of learning academics and general life skills of empathy, also clear decision making.  That is what school should be al about.  You see, everything the Left is doing is to dismantle the great Republic that people shed blood and tears to create, any and all social norms, national sovereignty, free flow of ideas, viewpoints, self reliance, individuality.  For me, with what my own family experienced with dictatorships etc.., there is not way any Patriot of true Red, White and Blue can let this nation fall prey to anything like Communism, Socialism.  Even those of faith who understand we are stewards of this planet of the nations we inhabit were born into can not let their nations fall prey to that because only true the true grit and spirit of Capitalism, Constitutional Republicanism is what lifts people up, rather than keep them down. 

It is for these reasons I fight for the soul of my country, of the people who are part of it because it’s really one and the same for many generations to come. If you are a MAGA Patriot, a NYC MAGA Patriot, connect to us, you are not along, on FB NYC Patriots and God Bless. 

What Was The Actual Deception?


There are not a lot of specifics in the Eden narrative in the Bible and we are left to wonder what was, is the core lie that Satan told, tells humanity, which led them to be disconnected from God, from the realm of heaven and thus lose their immortal soul, to have to have God put his Word to Flesh? 

A conversation recently gave me a pretty good idea.  A center for holistic stuff, someone there had called me to discuss my possibly training with them as a spiritual life coach.  Hitler came up and in the metaphysical, New Age objective truth, Dharma view of things, Hitler was not evil, he had a path, he got lost, he was not evil, not an evil man, etc….get the gist. As I thought about other conversations with those of the New Age persuasion, even a family member most recently, it finally hit me.  Satan’s lie isn’t that he doesn’t exist or even that God doesn’t, his big lie is subjective truth and morality.  That’s his big lie.  Now we have a society where there are no boundaries, Pedophoellia is being given a different name, label to try and make it seem less horrific and deplorable than it is.  If Hitler, Stalin, if their souls were not so corrupted, so not even sure there are words to describe it, then what is evil.  These men were and are, same as with Pol Pot, Mao Zedong.  These men were, always will be the definition of EVIL.  Gender Dysphoria is it seems the norm now and irresponsible parents are having their young kids have surgery rather than help them understand who they are in Christ, that they were made male or female according to the will of the creator and that is to be cherished, loved, honored, celebrated, whatever distorted thoughts they have about their sexuality, gender is not coming from God, from a place of distortion, rejection of self.  There is even a website that promotes alternative relationship situations, trios and whatever else goes for you to be happy.  Subjective truth is all about me me me in this moment, what my impulses say I want, all about feeling, and that means lots of distortion, means the Prince and Principalities etc.. Paul spoke of in the New Testament are loud and clear and they are the ones being listened to, just like in the Garden. 

In that Garden oF Eden, they had a choice to make honor and believe in God’s objective holy truth, or Satan’s subjective do as you please, screw any and all consequences, even to your own well being, that of others etc.., just do your thing and whoever doesn’t like it, screw you, God included.  Ding Ding, first prize if you can guess which one they chose, we have a winner, it wasn’t God’s truth, nope, it was the Satan Version 2.0, do as I please, to hell with anything else.  I’ve been there more than once, never ended well.  I got lost in the choice thing myself and more than once chose the rebel truth, Satan’s truth, and it didn’t work out well.  It seems now, more and more people are spitting in the face of God’s truth, of objective truth and instead moving more and more to Satan’s Subjective Truth 2.0 or higher.  What can we who get it do, well, speak up, and yeah you might get people yelling your face, but it’ll be something to put in our diary.  Not saying to stand on a corner all by yourself and start screaming the Gospel, no.  Maybe you can get packets of bookmarks with some bible passages and when you go to the beauty salon, when you are leaving, say, I want to say thank you for the great service and in addition to the tip you leave give them a bookmark, little things like that. 

Satan is very clever, he disguises subjective truth and reality, including in the moral arena as “rights” and “happiness, pursuit of” and all that jazz.  If truth is only what I feel, want etc.. in any given moment and not based on long term foundations, then there is not truth, so what does society have, nothing, what do people have, nothing, who are they, nothing, no one because they have no care identity, since there is no core.  The New Agers will say, the core is “spiritual being”, there is not sin, only good and bad decisions, so what Hitler did, it was his spiritual being out of alignment, uhh, no it was evil, pure satanic evil.   Subjective truth, even those who participated in the atrocities will twist and turn things to justify what they did.  Truth either is or isn’t, either we core truths, unchangeable, by which our nation, our faith institutions, we live by or we have nothing, we have no truth.  For those of us who have been found or found themselves again, truly, we understand this and we understand that God’s Word is Objective Truth, The Truth, Principles by which nations, society, and lives can thrive. Subjective truth, not truth, it’s whatever works according to what I feel in the moment, and according to what I see as truth, as reality, as moral truth etc…, me, I’m the God source, the one making the rules, me.  No, that’s not how it works, not according to God, not according to scripture.

Satan sold Adam and Eve a big lie, subjective truth and reality, truth is whatever you want, whatever you need it to be to be happy happy happy etc.., that’s truth.  Only, it’s not. 

Shalom and Amen


I Got Lost Along The Way

I Got Lost

As I read this poem, it really caught my eye. I realized I got lost somewhere in my journey in life I got lost.  I got lost in regards to who I am, who I am meant to be, my calling, got lost.  I have kept seeing the thorns in my life, not the roses, the pain not the blessings, the hurt people caused, including my family, even those who never set out to hurt me.  I haven’t focused on the blessings, on the good times, which is what I should have focused on more so that any hurts.  Some hurts, some stuff people do is pretty bad, and I am not saying we excuse, we don’t, but if we mainly see that as the sum total of our lives it really does hold us back and it makes us indecisive because then we don’t trust ourselves, even when it comes to decision making and doing anything in life because we are convinced subconsciously we are going to get hurt, we are going to mess it up, fail etc..Even with our faith, we lose sight of our union with Father, Son, Holy Spirit, how to have that, that changes don’t come about from religion, but relationship.  A good and right bible teaching church community I am realizing matters and we should pray to find one, but it’s relationship that brings about the understand of how much we are loved that Christ gave his life, went through hell and overcame all he did so we could have life. I got lost in life, somewhere and forgot that that is the Kingdom of God in a nutshell and it is at hand, all I have to do is desire it and take hold of it, seek it each day morning, noon and night in my actions of how I am in the world, honoring my country, myself, in prayer, scripture truth, being in but not of the world.  I have to not focus on the thorns of the past, but the many roses of the present and future, the infinite possibilities.


The Past Paid A Visit

you weren't ready.jpg

I had a dream and that dream was of one who was a major part of my past. I had not really thought of them for a while, but I guess there are those who touch our lives so deeply, have such an impact for good or not, or a mixed bag, but so deeply that they truly are a part of us forever. How do I feel about this? 

Mixed bag really.  In a way I feel sad because we got it wrong in how we dealt with “us” the situation, relationship etc.. and it had potential to be perhaps even a great friendship, but we screwed up.  I am so sad because I think about the fact that we are so opposite, so opposite in our worldview, so I wonder if we did come together, if this dream were a premonition, foreknowledge, how would we reconcile that, and if we could.  Then there is also a sense of sweetness that the bond is so strong, even years later I have such a dream.  I also have to acknowledge that there is a pain associated with this relationship pain caused and received.  I can’t ignore that, and if I were to honor a pledge I made to this person, I would have to truly reconcile that pain, along with any loving feelings, couldn’t just ignore it, neither could they ignore any residual hurt they felt in my regards.  All that would have to be addressed.  Any fears, insecurities about ourselves and each other would have to be courageously spoken and addressed.  We weren’t ready to love each other, even if we did back then, now, perhaps we could, perhaps we could love, accept unconditionally, not try to fix the other, address what needs addressing and simply work on being the best me each of us can be, grow together.  Perhaps, or perhaps I continue to work on myself and continue t move on.  We shall see if the dream I had is a foreshadowing, a foreknowledge, and how I navigate it, we shall see.

Shalom and Amen