Which Rose Should I Send?

Sometimes, relationships are are easy to read, sometimes they are not.  I came a across a lovely poem and from that came this poem, enjoy.

Have to Let Go

We all have that one person that though they are not part of our lives anymore, we find ourselves always wondering “what if” and I realized today after seeing something on FB that I have been doing just that.  I have not allowed love in because a small part of me kept thinking “what if we […]

A Mother’s Love

Mother and child, no matter what age, that relationship is one of many layers and it can be one that is like a tug of war.  The parent. mom knows she has to let go, has to give them wings, but at the same time wants to keep them safe.  The son or daughter at […]

Trust, Is It About Him or Me?

I thought about this second chance that I might have in terms of a relationship that I was not ready for and likely at that time he was not ready for either.  I have been thinking about the whole trust issue thing, and wondering is it about him or is it about me, my “fears”? […]

Expectation Knocking

Expectations, here you are again, knocking at my door, Knocking ever so gently, yet ever so powerfully. Expectations, here you are again, knocking at my door, Yet, as I have grown and learned that expectations can be wonderful gifts, If embraced in proper measure, without extremes, without Disneyland and rose colored glasses.   What then […]

Personality Types 6 and 7

Now we come to the Challenger, who can also be a Maverick and the Peacemaker, Referee.  The Challenger is a dominant force, when they walk in your can feel the confidence, power, dominance of their presence.  They are pretty decisive, not a lot of swaying, self doubt, pretty decisive.  They want to always protect themselves, […]

Healthy Relationships -Trust

Trust can be a major deal breaker in relationships and once that trust is breached it’s not easy to earn it back.  If you had a childhood that was full of distrust between your parents, where trust was not the cornerstone of anything in that situation, the parent you idolized just one morning leaves and […]

People Aren’t Homes

If I look back and look at my life, lack of a life partner, I have to look at a few things as to why that lack of a life partner to share it all with long term, lack of  healthy union long term with that special someone.  This poem is a good start.  My […]

Teen More Mature Than The Adults, Yeah

I am the lone Conservative amongst my liberal pack of family and friends pretty much.  Having a conversation on life topics with my teen nephew, cousins son and adult liberal friends and family has made me think, a tale of Two Cities.  It’s amazing the difference in experience the two are.   My nephew had such […]

Communion and Union with Miracles

  Yesterday was my cousin’s son’s First Communion and as I participated in the celebration after in her home, though I had not been able to attend the service due to a fibro crash, I realized why ritual, even if it’s a daily blessing from parent to child, a meditation for 5 minutes morning and […]