Not Everything is Permanent

Human beings often want the forever, things to stay the same, life to stay the same, for relationships, even friendships to always be in perfect flow, communications etc.., and it is a noble wish, but not very realistic.  Relationships like the weather have seasons, some relationships rarely go though the stormy season or even the […]

Do You Understand?

When people say unconditional love, what the heck does that mean?  Does it mean we have to agree on everything, all the time, that one partner denies all they are to totally pump up the other, with nothing reciprocating?  No, and that is the lesson I was hard headed, have been hard headed to learn. […]

Love is

Love and relationships is a theme of songs, plays etc…and we understand the chemical attraction stuff, scientifically.  However, what is the ultimate love, the one Paul speak of in Scripture, what’s that all about?  In a nutshell, it’s about not trying to mold another to be who you want them to be in every aspect, […]

Sometimes It’s Best

I came across a piece of wisdom and so I decided to reflect on it.  The title of this reflection is “Sometimes It’s Best”.

A Love That’s a Gift? Hmm….

Love can be a smooth sail or a stormy sea and the longest connection of the heart, spirit etc… I had was well a stormy sea.  I could say I wish I had never met them and all of that, but no, I can’t say that.  Do I wish I had handled things more maturely […]

Closure or Moving On?

We often think that if only we could see someone one last time, say certain things, air certain grievances etc.., If only…..we could let go, could move forward and leave what no longer makes us happy, truly happy, what no longer inspires us, whatever is toxic to us behind.  Truth is, there is no one […]

What Do The Ladies Need? The last time I gave a link on what men needed from women, and of course these are general needs that psychologists and others have determined each of the sexes needs in a relationship to feel valued etc..  Recently I had someone from my past come knocking and I wasn’t sure if old […]

Patterns Repeated, So What Do I Do?

It’s amazing how things we hope change, may have changed apparently really don’t. We wait for the lost bird to come pecking at the window, but the bird is lost somewhere who knows where, yet we wait, and wait, putting our activity on hold, waiting for the bird to come pecking at the glass, at […]

What Do Men Want to Hear?

6 Kinds Of Compliments Men Would Love To Hear More Often It is said mean and women hail from different planets and win a sense yes, God didn’t’ build them the same or wire them exactly the same, Thank Goodness, and Amen!  When we women are communicating with men, we often feel like we are speaking in a foreign language and they […]

Evaluating Relationships

I receive wonderful articles almost daily from Daily Om and I wanted to share this one with you because regularly evaluating, not obsessing, but periodic evaluating of our relationships is a good thing. Evaluating Our Relationships BY MADISYN TAYLOR Be the friend to others, that you wish them to be to you. There comes a […]