Helping Others to Accept Christ


Believe it or not, Christ Consciousness, Christ embrace is not easy for everyone. Often times when we think we want to help, we are disliked by other people. You may wish to help your friends, family or closest partner to awaken to beautiful settings in life. You may want your mother or possibly that elder sister to just awaken and accept rather than suffer. You want to show them the benefits of changing their way of thinking. However, it is not as easy as you think.

Consider the example of Christ. He enlightened all of us. However, you also know that despite his miracles, there were those who stood against him. Even among his chosen companions, there were some who didn’t follow him as strongly as his truly devoted ones. There were others who opposed him although knowing he was chosen one. I am not referencing this in comparison to your family or friends. What you need to learn is that the great master approached everyone according to their own level and intelligence. He didn’t impose rules on anyone. He loves everyone and approached them all. However, there are following things you can do to your relatives which will possibly open their mind for spiritual change.


Your family or closest friend may or may not respond well to pieces of advice you offer them. No matter the amount of love, the advice will seem to be imposing if you offer them regularly. Instead, why not start with asking how can you be of any help? If they tell you, it is best. Ask their permission in giving advice like can I have a say in this matter.

No need for Pity:

Never feel sorry for your friend or family. When you feel pity for them, it might also become apparent from your behavior. They would straight up reject your advice. Instead approach this way, “Hey, you aren’t weak, you are a strong person”. Encouraging them as well as


Often times it is the troubles which either make a person bitter or they make one better. Try compassion always. When you approach someone with compassion, they will respond well to your advice. They will see you as guide. You have perfect opportunity to let them be led towards the great Master.


While compassion is best, offering advice isn’t the only thing they will respond well to. What do your friends or simply humans need when they are sad? They need support and need to feel loved. They often don’t view advice as relatable since it sometimes makes them feel they were wrong. No matter your intention, your advice may not be the best way. You need to be their support through tough times to let them trust you. Only then, you will have chance to become their guiding light.

No to Negative folks:

This one is especially difficult. Some among your friends or even your family will not only reject your advice, they will try to bring your vibrations down too. They have chosen to become bitter instead of better. Any advice you offer will be made fun of. In this scenario, it’s better to stay away than offer any help. If they ask for help, it’s good. If they don’t, never approach on your own. You need to heal and remain healed than trying to heal the destructive people. You can only pray to Jesus for them.

Always keep in mind that although spirituality is a wonderful thing, Master Jesus didn’t impose ore even judge everyone on its basis. The great Master told only his secrets to those who wanted to follow him. You should go for same attitude.

Life after Christ Embrace


One of the greatest gifts to us human beings is Christ consciousness, having accepted Christ as Lord and Savior. As the world is moving forward, we are seeing more and more people awakening. We as humans are coming to realize our self-worth as well as our cosmic and spiritual homes. Since the experience of Christ Consciousness, awareness of a relationship with Christ, it is like a treasure found, not everyone is fit to accept it and use it to best of interests. That is why the awakening need in some is manifesting in form of doubt and atheism.

I too was once caught in my web of doubts and faithlessness. I was once a very casual person. Like common stream, I viewed that only priests had power to save us from fire of hell.  Christ Jesus had died for our sins and we have to make up for his sacrifice by being overly religious. Never did I ever miss church due to fear of God.

My life changed drastically as I embraced the moment of Christ Consciousness. Being one of God’s creations, the work of transformation found me. Ever since I breathed in that moment, I realize now that it was the revolutionary moment of my life. I still go to church; the difference is that the fear of God has been replaced with love of all mighty Creator. In this article, I will tell you what experiences I underwent ever since I accepted the divine truth. I assure you that these things are very general. The awakening is highly personal experience, wrapped by improving moments of your life. It makes you realize that the small virtues have power to change your entire life.


The gratitude is one of the rights of God. We owe it to great Master as well as Creator that we are thankful for the life He gave us. I understand some of you are not going to agree. I know we as humans undergo many challenges. Some of you have experienced cruelties of life. But did you ever think for a moment that there are always two sides of pictures? Believe it or not but those experiences are the reason why you are not falling into such life’s cruelties again. If you are then it simply means you haven’t learned from life mistakes and incidents. You don’t know how tough it is for that kid in Africa who is smiling. Awakening makes you realize the fundamental truth that life is sacred. We are and should always be grateful for life if we truly accept higher truths of life.


No! I am not talking about liberation from your problems. Those problems are what make us special. They are necessary for our growth. Spirituality doesn’t mean escape from problems. It simply means embracing your mistakes and learning that thought transformation is a divine action. As we undergo the experience of Christ Consciousness, we are truly liberated from all those attitudes, emotions and limitations of our mind which we think are stemming from outside sources. The outside sources are actually manifestation of those limitations which you will be freed from.

Sense of Connection:

We are all connected. We humans are divine beings of God. All of us have a purpose. Whether they choose to do it or not is up to human beings individually. However, ever since the awakening, you will feel a deep love for God and His creations, wanting to guide them on the path of biblical wisdom.  There is a reason for it. God is connected to everyone. When you truly love God, you care for His beings because you now love the same thing which God loves. There is no rocket science involved here.

Higher Purpose:

Ever since that profound moment, I have deeply felt that I was sent to this world with a sense of purpose. The practice of meditations and acceptance is not to just excel in life. It comes with a higher purpose and understanding. You will come to realize it better as you embrace the divine truth.

Like I said, spiritual awakening is highly personal. I have not mentioned many things here which worked for me. However, the above mentioned gifts are profoundly general.

Spiritual Self Care


The spiritual awakening can be a tough one. One of most aspects of spirituality filled life is self care. Self care is nothing like a selfish attitude. Just remember the saying that you cannot possibly water the plants from empty vessel. If you don’t recharge or refill your cup, you simply cannot pour into other cups. The best way to practice spiritual life along with fulfilling experience is to practice spiritual self care. I am presenting to you the tips which helped me cope up as well as fully live my life.


The breaks can refill you. Arrange the family gathering to remember love of family. Arrange going somewhere to appreciate the gift of traveling ability. The short breaks will surely allow you to recharge your stamina. Staying constantly sharpened can blunt a blade.

Learn to Say No and Yes:

You might become too receptive to people’s requests too much. If this is the case, simply learn to say no once in a while. You deserve self-care and time for yourself.

If you have become too indulged in solitude, remember that we need people’s company in our life too. We also need to say yes equally to saying no. The goal is not to be alone, rather create balance of self and others place in your heart.

Embrace the Chaos:

Sometimes it is the most chaotic moments when we don’t know one of our biggest gifts is waiting to be given to us for being patient. Embrace all the difficulties and chaos of life. Thank master that it is for you to grow and become stronger and better. It is exactly why it is there in your life. Don’t let any other thought take place. Be of mind that it will only get better with temporary set backs.


Wear the cloak of gratitude and your life will be covered in all aspects as said by Rumi. It is true. Be grateful for your life. You will enjoy life as you are and you allow it to be instead of how others view it. You deserve best and this habit will ensure it.

Spiritual self-care is needed for your growth and blissful solitude. Remember that your relation with God is personal which also means that staying in good health and shape will strengthen your spirit too.


Candles Decor, Have Fun, Bring Light

Pearls and Twigs Candle Decor

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We often think that decorations have to be expensive and all come out of a box, but sometimes if we can muster up the patience and love, we can create beautiful pieces for the season and bring a beautiful light to our home, heart and lives, keeping in mind the true light of the season, Christ.  May this poem give light to you.


Christmas Candle Poem

Knowing Their Spirit, Knowing Them


Often people will speak of what Christ, or a person did, but they don’t really know them, and even when they think of characteristics they don’t understand the context that the creator intended for those characteristics for our greater good and that of society.  One of the problems with religion often times  and relationships is that we might know what people do but not understand who they are.  I would like us to look at where we are.  I will share where I am with all of this as well

First I want to discuss a few things.  When the bible talks of love, it does not mean love without truth, even if it is a moral truth they don’t want to hear, without moral boundaries, even if they don’t like the boundaries being given to them, same with charity, it does not mean charity without wisdom, or charity that keeps a person a victim or dependent, rather charity that empowers, that helps bring one to healing, and patience does not mean patience with destructiveness or self destructiveness. Everything has to be with truth, with moral truth, integrity, balance, wisdom all that jazz.   Where am I at with the gifts, with ministry, teaching, discernment, with patience, charity, kindness?  Well ministry is not necessarily about a pulpit or teaching about a classroom, these things can be done through the arts, through internet platforms such as a blog, a podcast. The discerning of spirits, word of knowledge, have those covered pretty much. Wisdom and Fear of God, getting better at it, in terms of self discipline in overcoming sin strongholds through meditation and prayer, giving myself a literal “stop, think before you act” instruction when necessary, prompted in the spirit.  The kindness part, well could do a bit better we all could.  I have the tough love tendency a lot, have a tendency to lean that direction, love you, but will hit you with the truth whether you like it or not especially biblical truth.  I could do better in my approach.  Patience, I have gotten better, but it is not one of my virtues, never has been and will always be a tough one for me.  Do I beat myself up for not being perfect in the gifts of the spirit, for not having achieved immense success in ministry and teaching through the arts etc… yet, for not having reached millions across the globe, for not being perfectly patient all the time etc…? No.  Do I give thanks in Christ that I am on the road to being a better person? Heck yeah!  Do I periodically examine my life, self to see where I am at with things, cultivate my gifts, see if I am cultivating them properly, wisely etc…? Should I? Heck Yeah!  With the help of The Advocate from the High Heavens and my will to do so, I shall!  From the study of the gifts and fruits including character character traits spoken of in the bible of the Holy Spirit which are also those of the Father and the Son, I can come to know who they are and who I should strive to be, but in right context, remembering integrity, moral boundaries and all that jazz, matter.



Role of Christ Consciousness in Identity


In my last article I talked about Christ Consciousness through us. How we can realize the fact that the true God is not outside but within. As I move further with topic, I would like to ask you a thing. How many times have you faced identity crisis? How many times you wanted desperately to become someone you hoped to be and found out later that you had become someone entirely different? What is it that I hear? It never happened to you? Well if it did, this article is here to help you. If it never happened, I tell you there is still a treat in store for you.

Christ Consciousness as described by many is a state of enlightenment, divine merge with God. It is an important fact to be noted that the enlightenment reaches not to us by automatic process, rather we choose to evolve. Everyone faces spiritual crisis and hardships in life. All signs can be easily ignored should we go back to our unrefined old selves. It is us who choose to see where we need changing in our thinking and life pattern.

For proper transformation spiritually, we have to admit the fact that we change in our consciousness as well as our identity. Christ Consciousness is as described a divine process of enlightenment. It is state of merging with God. I told you in my last discussion that Lord Jesus taught us the divine truth. God is within us. We have access to God power as much as the next person may that be a religious or a normal colleague. That being said, what about our identity? Now here is what the topic becomes really interesting. Our identity is who we are. As we spiritually ascend our former selves, we realize that boundaries between us and God are becoming blurred. God is within us. As St. Teresa spoke of transformation being process of finding self in God and God in self. Then what is self originally?

It is to be told to the dear reader that Christ Consciousness is not the root of confusion between God and self. Quite the contrary! We realize how through seeking change within us, we are imperfect. How much we have to realize that the only way to reach God is through self-seeking process. We realize that each human is a walking treasure. Each human being has God within self. As we awaken, we become more aware of our likes and dislikes as we are challenged to change them. We realize the divine truth that God accesses each of us separately. No two souls are same. Our soul is manifestation of Lord’s love. Every person has a different role to play. Therefore, God has different enlightenment planned for everyone. What may work for me, may not work exactly same for my brothers and sisters. Therefore, through self-seeking, by realizing our own potential and essence, we solidify our identity and then reach the God within.