What It Came Down TO

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I am moving forward with Yehsua Group, even hope to volunteer , be a part of Holy Language Academy.  Ministry has always been my central calling, since my teen years.  I had to ask myself a lot of questions and I had to go through a rough journey internally, but it was necessary.  What questions did I have to ask: 

  1. Is scripture true
  2. Is God truthful and faithful to this word?
  3. Was Yeshua truthful in saying He was the Temple that would be raised up in three days etc..?
  4. What of the Apostles, what of them, and the said testimonies, that over 500 saw him resurrected?
  5. Where is it said that any of the apostles sought to relinquish their Jewish identity in the early church of Yeshua?
  6. If the early church had no intention of shedding their Jewish identity, if that was never a commandment given by Yeshua, then why are we not adhering to the faith of Yeshua?
  7. Why are we not in context of Messiah, the fulfilled prophecies not honoring our Jewish heritage and faith? 
  8. How could I use my my skills as a Holistic Practitioner and NLP training to help others and incorporate the spirituality that is so important to me in my work?

I had to go through all of these questions and as I did and asked God to help me with these answers and guide me to the right people, community, mentors etc.., I was contacted on twitter by Yeshua Groups  God led me also to take a Udemy course online in NLP and the instructor has an online group for students to be part of.  Now a number of us are creating a community to work together to network, support and mentor each other, see how we can work to bring healing to people in a way that reaches those who need it, perhaps veterans, those on fixed incomes, we will see as we work it all out, but it will be a blessing to us and others I am sure.  We want to earn a living, but also give back to society, and feed the soul.  As I sought the Lord, clarified that We are Jewish if we are with Yeshua, accepting his as the Christ the Messiah Promised in the Pentateuch, and so I have been led to where I can truly be part of that and also led to where I can be in a community of healers who seek to make a difference.  I look forward to a beautiful journey of hope and healing, of deep faith, and much more.

Shalom and Amen 


What’s New?

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Yeshua Groups!

Yesterday I spoke to Izzy one of the founders and I am on track to lead a Yeshua Group, create a sense of community, which I love.  Church used to be that, community, discussion, reflection, community.  I want to gather in a semi public place, tell the stories of the bible, have everyone in the group contribute, research something about the background of the story, share, contribute, and then we can reflect, discuss. Community is what lifts us up, not to say we shouldn’t understand the moral lessons, the lessons of ethics and integrity, but open ended questions, discussion, connection, that matters.  I look forward to creating that.  Stay tuned for more!

Happiness, Tips For the Journey Part I





My bandcamp site is up, the rest of the songs have to be put up and I have to put in the descriptions, but as I prayed, meditated and discerned, my instinct was that ministry through the arts and coaching was the path to follow. Yes, fibromyalgia is a thorn in my life, quite an unpleasant one, but doing this lifts me up in spite of the thorn, thorns presented by the Fibro and that is connected to these two elements:  

  • Giving yourself permission to say yers to what uplifts, to what has been discerned as part of your anointed path
  • Taking time to evaluate this, create and implement a plan according to divine guidance and providence

I am finding that as I am doing this things are flowing and the feedback I am getting on my music is great, awesome, one person said that there may not be magic left in the world but my music is magic.  I thought, I am just doing what God is asking me to do, minister through music, the arts and in some way through coaching, that’s all.  I am glad that in doing these steps I am making a difference, impacting.  The evaluating, discerning, planning are all very important before acting, not to say you should spend eternity evaluating and be too scared to act, no, but a period of discerning, evaluating, planning organizing is a good idea.  I started out with selling through Tunecore, putting my stuff on various sites to stream and promote and now in prayer and discernment the gut instinct was do all sales on your own site, and focus on promoting that website, and reaching out to record labels, organizing a meet and greet, do some improvisation performance and spoken word, get some media presence, arrange it for September, then do a holiday show in December.  That is what I plan to do.   Divinely guided discernment, evaluation the key, along with planning, saying yes to that.  I’ll be discussing other elements of happiness, so stay tuned!

Shalom and Amen


To Remember When Clouds Come

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Let’s face it, life has a bit of everything, sun, clouds, rain, thunder, sandstorms, sweet, sour, spicy, a host of weather patterns and flavors, and when the not so great ones show up, it can be really discouraging, so when that happens, if you can have this on your wall in each room, a reminder to keep the faith strong, something like this, it can make a difference in your mindset and how you approach life, even those not so sunny days. 


Might Hurt, But….

Best Friend Won't Agree

Whether it’s a parent, sibling, your own kid, a true blue friend, Jesus loving us can mean and has to mean putting forward some harsh truths, truths we might not like, or want to hear.  Jesus  who was no teddy bear, contrary to what the very lost warped modern liberal social justice etc.. church would have us believe, told people stuff they didn’t like and they walked away because they couldn’t handle what he was dishing out.  He loved humanity enough, being the Word Made Flesh, to keep telling it.  That can also be the case in our own relationships with others, even sometimes with a spouse.  There can be things we need to get across, but they don’t want to hear it, not willing to hear it.  Friendship, authentic relationship means you don’t tell each other what you want to hear, but what needs to be told, which doesn’t mean you don’t stand by each other, are happy for each other and all that, but even Jesus, the apostles though they encouraged, were straight shooters and more than once dished out very honest tough love.  Like I said people didn’t necessarily want it, like it, appreciate it, and yes they lost friends, family etc.. because of it, but they still told it.  Not saying be nasty about it, but if the Lord really does stir in you to tell a truth, to convey a truth, it is in line with the scriptures, then you need to find a way to convey it.  It may not sit well, but if you care then you will care enough to honor that and care enough about the person also to share what the Lord wants to be shared.



Connecting To Sacred Spirit Meditation



This meditation will help you at any time of the day to connect to the Holy Spirit, to sacred Spirit, you and the creator coming together to connect to that Sacred Spirit, to wisdom.  Wisdom is the greatest gift you could be given in this lifetime, without wisdom, doesn’t matter how many Ph.d degrees you get, you’ll never get life, not as God would have us “get it”.  I hope this helps you in your journey to making choices and decision, to receive divine inspiration.

Peace, Whose Peace?

Peace I Leave You.jpg

Notice all these organizations dedicated to Peace that have come up in the world, and how everyone seems to seek peace.  People seem to seek peace in stuff, in having lots of money, in having the perfect relationship, all these things, but yet peace seems to escape us.  Even those who seem to have riches and seemingly perfect relationships, where’s the everlasting peace? When Jesus talks of peace that is not the kind the world gives, he is right.  The world gives temporary peace, flesh peace, but no lasting peace of the heart, spirit and soul.  Try something for me.  Focused on the person of Christ, clear boundaries in life and listening to this music somewhere quiet for at least 15 minutes a day for a week, see how you feel. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IwoJFRGKm40.  See what happens, make the time at the beginning, the end of the day, middle of the day, go by instinct.  We can aim for all the fame and wealth etc.. in the world, none of that will bring us true and lasting peace, none of it, especially not if it was achieved unethically.

Steps Along the Journey



I revamped the channel and it now has only 22 videos, but these videos represent steps in my journey of being the fullness of who my creator meant me to be, of honoring that, honoring that relationship, where I feel in my innermost heart, spirit and soul, guided by prayer, and scripture what direction I am supposed to go.  In my social media and expressing views and overall truths, God did not give me the mantle of being PC, but that’s fine with me. As you will see in one or two of my songs as they come up, not in that area either, so brace yourselves.

Also, I will be doing mini seminars, audio which I will share with you directly on this blog, hope they will help you, so stay tuned.  I hope if this blog is a blessing you will consider donating.

Thank You

Back To Basics, Hmmm


Back to basics, we hear that phrase and it keeps coming up in my spiritual journey for me.  I keep trying to go back to the Roman Catholic Church, to honor my mom, honor my heritage and I respect the moral teachings that do seek to stay true to the Gospel.  I keep feeling this sense of “back to basics”, of keeping it simple, yet sacred and then I have to ask what that means.  I guess that means as I understand it biblically as  least bureaucratic as possible, making it not ritualistic so much as a truly spiritual, relationship based faith journey.   It’s not that some ritual aspect is not important, but what brings about true change in the person is relationship, is the Holy Spirit working within you through a relationship you establish with Christ, having accepted that God sent His Son, the Word of Creation was made flesh, and that Jesus fully, willingly gave his life so we could have life on so many levels, freedom from the shackles of transgression and their consequences, which can be truly devastating to many, including ourselves.  For my journey I am realizing why people are drawn to the Evangelical Conservative, to what gets to the basics, to relationship, to key principles and practical applications of biblical principles.  As my journey continues to getting to the basics we will see where it lands, but it will always be with Christ, and a Conservative Worldview, that won’t change.