Speaking Truth of Heart and Scriptures

Please support this blog if it is a light to you.  U may do so via paypal kawebsales@mail.com The passages that the church looks at today are Acts 18:9-18 and the Gospel John 16:20-23.  Though there  is historical and theological context, there is also a life lesson context, a metaphysical context, a symbolic one, so […]

Capturing Your Vision-Meditation

Sometimes getting a clear sense of vision for our lives, for a relationship is not easy, so I hope this meditation can help you in that path, that journey.


One of the words that came up often with the rabbi yesterday was framework, also could be said as frame of reference and in my life there have been two that shaped my direction or shall we say my maze like direction.   Those have to change.  One framework came from those closest to me, […]

The Spirit Can Fly.

  When I am meditating I am focusing on my subconscious, psychic consciousness and the heart to be, along with the assistance of the highest heavens and believing, the vessels for manifesting my hopes, prayers.  I realized that part of the problem was that was too much in my head overthinking and not feeling what […]