Emotional Expression

For a lot of people expression of emotions, especially the not so PC ones, or negative ones, and especially if you are at a young age, can be scary, and for guys emotions and full range of expression is not so easy.  Expression of emotions comes more easily to women, so how can art, drawing […]

21 Songs….

People with Autism and sometimes, even you and me   can’t handle too much stimulus and can thus get very agitated, lose focus etc.. in situations that provide too much stimulus, so parents, spouses, co-workers etc.. can use music to calm them down, get them to a calm place within, as can we ourselves, but […]

Art and Healing

You hear about the bullying, violence in the schools, and we also hear a lot about Autism these days, and you wonder what can be done.  Well there are things we as a society and in the schools can do, even within our own families.  One of these is Art and Music Therapy.  People often […]