Festive Foods of Channukah

https://www.justapinch.com/blog/articles/read/200507/8-festive-foods-for-hanukkah?utm_source=pinterest&utm_medium=social&utm_campaign=share Don’t get me wrong I love Christmas, and celebrating the Lord’s birth, keeping that as the focus, something the world has forgotten and somehow the focus is all about the decorations and presents, big parties, not the meaning of the season I have to point out!  However, were it not for Abraham and the […]

Glowing, Let’s Make the Holidays Glow

https://www.craftymorning.com/laminated-photo-snowglobe-ornaments/Make the Holidays Glow Need to keep the kids busy and spend time with them so they won’t make you nuts, this is it, creative for all!  I love bringing you guys these ideas, hope you enjoy them.

Being Part of Something, Beautiful

Yesterday The Sons and Daughters of Italy celebrated their 112th Founder’s Day, with Mass and lunch, which included a lifetime achievement award.  It was special for one or two particular reasons. As I heard the priest give his homily in Italian, as I watched the Mass with everyone very reverent to the priest, the Eucharist, […]

Want People Back In Pews, TRADITION!

Please support this blog via paypal:  kawebsales@mail.com  Thank you. That’s right darlin, Tradition, just like they that word that we remember from Fiddler on The Roof.  As music coordinator for the local church and one who had made a journey back home to the faith, I have done a lot of research as to what […]

Christmas Traditions of Italy

  Christmas has different traditions around the world, and I wanted to share those from Italy, my mom’s native land. I found this article that gives the different traditions, including foods for that season.  I love my heritage and sharing about it with others. Italian traditions in Italy are based heavily on the religion ofChristianity. […]