Why It’s So Insidious

Think of a car left out to the elements over time how it gets eroded, corroded and then falls apart apparently.   Restoring it is not an easy task, and it may never get restored to what it was.  Today I saw a specialist about my most recent issues and ongoing ones and he explained I […]

Forgiveness- A Solution For Healing -William West I Manuel

  For centuries humanity has experienced harmful, and traumatic events. In order to move forward, and continue in spiritual growth. Humanity must start a continual cycle of forgiveness. What is forgiveness? According to the Webster’s dictionary” It is the act of giving a person a pardon for a sin or injury against another person.”    […]

Anxiety Attack Causes, Symptoms, and How to Treat It

  This is from an article written by Ruma Daby   Causes of Anxiety Attacks Most anxiety attacks originate from past traumatic experiences. This could either be through a near death experience or past history of abuse. When one goes through a life-threatening event, the body goes in to a fight or flight mode. This […]

What Now?

  I was diagnosed with stress related ulcers and there are several things that have contributed to the fibromyalgia and now this.  I will seek all the medical care necessary, but it has to go deeper, a lot deeper.  I have to start to truly live life, not just exist, need to really be alive, which with life […]


I very much want to create a real wellness hub, one where you can have not only the blog posts, but also products to assist in the wellness journey.  When you are finding your path to create something like this, it can be a bit of a winding road.  Here is what is going on […]

When The Earth Becomes Your God

When scripture says have no other God’s, this includes the earth, creatures of the earth.  When you have these fanciful flights like the New Green Deal, it might be funny if it weren’t so scary.  The notion is that government needs to control every aspect of your life and of society to save the earth, the […]

The Enemies of Faith?

  The End Days, Latter Days, Times, however you want to call them, the church is in trouble and this was foretold in the OT and NT, so I am not shocked or surprised at the crazy crap coming out of churches, or other faith groups.  What are the enemies of Faith and even The Chuch […]

Do We Need It, really?

In netwprl. of network, cop pays, deductibles, oy, what a headache.  I can’t help but ask if this is necessary, is insurance, including medicare, medicaid, are they necessary?  What would happen if we eliminated insurance?  Calm down, don’t panic, wouldn’t be the end of the world.  Of course it would you say, how would we pay for […]

All Points of Wellness

One thing that is clear to anyone with a spiritual inclination, making that journey is that we are not just a blog of cells and chemicals. We are also consciousness, ability to choose, go beyond basic instinct and much more.  Unfortunately our structures political, and other wise, including our healthcare does not always reflect that […]

5 Quick Ways To Ease Stress, Depression & Anxiety

Life in modern times seems to be filled with stress, anxieties, which is ironic since all this technology etc.. was supposed to make life less complex, less stressful etc.. but seems automation created more stress.  Life is filled with irony.  What do you do to ease stress if you don’t have a lot of free time to do lengthy meditation […]