Teach Me Prayer

I came across this prayer and realized this is actually what I have been asking God for every day.  getting to know others is easier than getting to know ourselves.  We take in so much baggage from everything around us, from people, and we carry baggage from life experiences that we may not process and let go of.  Getting to know who we are requires getting in touch with the Creator, that esoteric realm in a healthy way.  It means being able to introspectively look at the sum total of our experiences, as relates to our own heart, spirit soul and as it relates to others.  I realize that is the journey I have been on and need to continue so that I may truly connect with the Holy Trinity, with the Sacred, and truly see healing, blessings, miracles in my life.  Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue don’t make it easy, but it is a journey worth taking, and if done constructively.  I have a series of reflections I have created which I will be posting to help you with your journey.