Teen More Mature Than The Adults, Yeah


I am the lone Conservative amongst my liberal pack of family and friends pretty much.  Having a conversation on life topics with my teen nephew, cousins son and adult liberal friends and family has made me think, a tale of Two Cities.  It’s amazing the difference in experience the two are.  

My nephew had such foresight in seeing the wisdom of the Conservative and Traditionalist viewpoint, and we had such great exchange of ideas, he never belittled POTUS or my Conservatism, nor did I do so in regards to his moderate liberalism, which he is evaluating if he is more to the right or more liberal, and that’s a good thing, to really periodically evaluate where you are in life.  A recent, very recent discussion where my expressing my belief in law and order, textual constitutional application of the law, national sovereignty, natural moral law was labeled as my being crazy, and this was with an adult in my age range, I’m 53.  It’s interesting to me that with my teen nephew I was able to have a calm, great constructive conservation, he understood where my faith and patriot position was coming from.  It was very refreshing, yet with the adults in my life with the exception of one of my cousins on dad’s side, I can’t have such great constructive conversations.    Funny to me that I can have a very calm, constructive conversation with a teen, they have such foresight and common sense and I don’t see that with most of the adults in my life.  That is sad, quite sad.  Oye!