Test The Spirits?

Paul talks about testing the Spirits, and many may be left scratching their heads at that. What the heck is he talking about? Well, remember he tells us that we are battling not the flesh but things of the Spirit.  In Revelation, we read of the Spirit of Jezebel and of false prophets, and you have to keep in mind that the Bible is in a sense Thematic, so there are themes running through it.  There are a number of preachers online, offline, so how do you know that the Gospel they teach is accurate?    Testing, testing holistically and thematically, as well as with prayer to the Holy Spirit is how by keeping in mind that if it is not aligning with Scripture then it is a false Gospel.  Also, remember the apostles did accept donations, but they never promised riches in exchange for supporting their ministry, nor did they offer miracle oils, etc.. for money.  One thing to look at in this regard, as well as doomsday prophetic that have zero bases in scripture.  Not to say there aren’t good people doing solid prophetic study and work, like Steven Cochran, so it’s important to be discerning in this. 

Goes even beyond that, goes to the moral fabric of society.  Why is false doctrine a problem?  False doctrine can come in the form of a religious, legalistic spirit like you go to hell if you wear makeup, stuff like that.  Anything in excess, even jewelry, trust me is not attractive on anyone.  There is also false doctrine in any doctrine that says wrong is right, right is wrong, there is no such thing as sin, as judgment, God loves you and so loves anything you do.  Like any parent, He loves His children but doesn’t mean a green light to do whatever. When the Church preaches God is all love, only love no matter what, they are leading people to perdition and loss of their soul.  The true prophet, the true church will speak the truth, even when the children of God, all children of God, all of humanity does not want to hear it.  Any Gospel that legitimizes core violation of God’s truths, Scripture truths, objective moral bible truths is a false Gospel.  Not only do you destroy family, the very fabric of what God is about, marriage as God intended etc.. but you are aiding in the destruction of the soul for honoring a false Christ.  You will be held accountable for leading others astray,  whether you call yourself Christian or not.  Keep this in mind also when considering the Gospel and what Gospel you are being preached and following and the life, lifestyle you are leading.  God does not want any of us to perish, not one.  


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