Thank About Pain

Anyone who loves someone very much, and even in our own lives, pain is not something we welcome, and if there is chronic emotional or physical pain or emotional wearing down because of physical stuff going on, we can feel overwhelmed and I know there are period of time with my health that feels like there’s no rest, and it takes a lot to move through and stay positive.  With others, we want to wave a magic wand and be able to immediately make it okay.  The wisdom in this poem is valuable during those times.  Even with fibromyalgia and instances of pain everywhere, digestive system going all wonky, I understand that it shall pass and yesterday some family members came for dinner and we laughed, and I was reminded that there is always something to smile about, that whatever pain I have in any given moment it will pass.  The emotional pain of the restrictions Fibromyalgia has caused at times are a bit more challenging, but with my creative endeavors, meditation and prayer, I move through those as well.  I hope this poem helps and if you have teenage kids, maybe print it, share it, and then give a hug and give them space to sit with it, it to sink in.

Namaste, Shalom and Amen