That Thing Called Closure


Closure, something I think everyone wants for relationships, for any number of situations.  We often will depend on others to provide that closure, especially if they are the ones creating the end to the story.  Yet that is not always the case and there are questions that don’t get answered.  Thing is, not everything has an exact answer, not everything has perfect closure.  There are times when we have create the closure for ourselves, even when others don’t, can’t, won’t, whether intentionally or don’t even realize they have left this cloud of “why?” that will never go away, rather might not go away, unless that is we decide we are not going to wallow in self pity.  This applies to individuals and groups, even nations, their citizens.  One can decide to just sit and stew, seeking closure from others, closure that will never come, or one can decide that life is too precious, too full of promise, possibility for change and transformation for the better, and move forward with a solid plan for the future.  You know that “it’s me, not you” thing, well yeah, not you, it is me and also it is you.  It’s all of us because all of us have baggage, all of us have stuff we carry around, wrongs we believe were done to us or our group of people, even as individuals.  Closure is the ideal in life, to have closure in some concrete healthy way, the goal always being healthy closure.  Again, don’t wait on others for closure, for constructive closure to a chapter, a situation, a release from the crap of the past etc…, create closure yourself as necessary in a most positive and healthy way, always.  Value yourself enough as a precious child of God to do that, always. Meditate on how to do so, seek divine guidance, always.

Shalom and Amen