The Amusement of Oxymorons, Oy!

Confused Face

Oxymorons are nothing new, we even have them in grammar and teachers had to correct students.  Remember the “not talking to nobody” thing, well if you’re not talking to nobody then you must be talking to somebody.  Politicians when they pass a Bill or are going to and tell you it’s sure to be great, but haven’t even looked it because it’s so monstrously long they can’t, won’t even understand what reading, when they tell you than, an oxymoron.  Recently there was a post of a supposedly huge anti Trump rally and it was a Socialist Democracy rally, and I had to scratch my head, as I thought of Venezuela and a few other places.  Why?

 F.A. Hayek wrote in The Road to Serfdom, “Democracy is essentially … a utilitarian device for safeguarding internal peace and individual freedom.” Essentially the principle of Democracy and a Democratic Republic is self governance to the best of one’s ability, taking responsibility for self (seems that has gotten lost in the world),  self-determination politically and  freedom of expression, without threatening or acting in violence please, thank you.  My earnings, my talents are my own to distribute as I see fit, not as the government sees fit.   My rights come not from government essentially, but from God, from my being a thinking etc… being capable of informing myself of all sides of the argument and making decisions. It is the principle that the private sector is to be encouraged to thrive and grow, yes ethically, with integrity, but never is government to be the largest employer, ever. Never to population to depend more on government for sustenance and daily bread as a whole than the private sector, than use of its’ own gifts and talents.  Charity, yes in truly dire cases where no other alternative exists, but that is a choice to be made and sustained by the individual, private sector and faith institutions, those cases should be vetted, with none dire cases, a program implemented to find out what their talents are and how to help them take on a second career path, stick to the development of that path, even if there are health and family issues that require lots of flexibility.  

In an article Sandy Ikeda points out the following:  What happens when you try to combine democracy with socialism?

Let’s say a socialist government has to choose between only two ends: greater income equality or greater racial justice. Even in this simple, two-alternative case, it has to define clearly what equality and justice mean in terms that everyone can agree on. What counts as income? What constitutes racial justice? What constitutes more equal income or justice? At what point has equality been achieved or justice served: perfect equality or perfect justice? If less than perfection, how much less? Seriously who decides what is perfect justice, perfect income equality etc.. and what about freedom of religious expression public and private, of speech, including the right to publicly call out politicos and their lackeys, religious leaders as crooks, heretics?  Try doing that in Venezuela and some other places, places that were Socialist or Communist and before you say they are not the same, just one shade away one from the other.  My mom lived through the Mussolini era of Fascism, and prior, so she knows what I mean. 

Government is meant to perform some very basic functions, but it is not meant to turn us into dependent children, victims, mindless bots, or to go the opposite of what JFK said in his speech “ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country” Smaller government means less bureaucracy, but also more focused government, stronger borders etc… Socialism is all about the collective, so the rights, earnings, blood and sweat, gifts, talents, hopes and dreams of the individual etc… don’t mean a damned thing in a Socialist system. It’s all about preserving the collective and if individual lives have to be sacrificed and truth, integrity also of the individual for the collective, so be it.  To plan such a massive collective economy you have to silence, squash the individual, their hopes, dreams, thriving and prosperity, religious liberty, have to.  That is where we are now, close to it in the USA and that is scary to see, the road we are going on.  In colleges there is no more debate, free thinking exchange of ideas, nowhere is there free exchange of ideas, even with my friend of over 30 years we have had some real knock out debates, but the friendship has endured, beautiful thing.  I hope we can make U Turn in this nation and fast.