The Dark Night

We are consciousness, spirit, soul, breath inhabiting a physical temple, physical home for a time.  When life keeps hitting us with stuff, we can easily get lost in the events, in the pain etc.. When we lose that part of us that can empathize, can flow with our gifts, talents, and may walk around numb, unable to really connect to anything with any true feeling, almost like a zombie or robot.  We may lose the ability to make decisions, not trusting our instinct, or divine assistance, divine presence.   This dark night can last a short time, or a long time as we navigate to find our divine self, divine truth and wisdom in God’s objective moral truths for living life, interacting with others etc..That deepest part of the self is where we store all our fears, shame, guilt, trauma etc…

Because we are spiritual beings in a human body, and because of the ego, our body being sponges in a sense all that dark energy can get stored in our body, muscles, heart, which is why when you have a massage, exercised you are carrying around a bunch of trauma, psychic or otherwise, you feel pain..  That releasing is painful, not easy releasing psychic trauma, subconscious, hidden in the shadows pain etc.. It is not easy to work through it, see your divine spark, connection to the holy, the sacred.  It is not impossible.  I will be recording and doing monthly live events to help us all move through the dark night, we all have those dark nights of the soul.  I know there are things in my own shadow that I never really addressed, but I am working on releasing the topic thoughts etc….  I will be sharing my journey on that with you.