The Early Bird, Hmmm?

Life and Liberty, God Bless America
The light shines within., going out in connection to the Divine Creator.

As my empathic and intuitive antenna went up over the past few days and I sensed an old connection coming through on the psychic consciousness plane in a panic about my current connection, which is not yet a relationship, as that person is going through stuff they have to sort out and are not yet letting me in, there’s a sort of suspension, a limbo.  I hope that limbo ends soon and with the new.

I shard this with another intuitive empath friend of mine what I was sensing and he reminded me of that saying about the early bird catches the worm.  I found myself thinking about that and what the heck I would do if that old connection came back into my life free and clear wanting a relationship.  Their worldview and mine are not parallel in any way that I can see, and I am a Zionist, very strong Israel advocate, they are anti-Zionist, though they are Jewish, and while I am Conservative Republican, they are friggin liberal progressive Democrat.  While I am looking to forge my path as an artist, and inspirational life coach, they are in academia, mathematics, and though Jewish have gotten so caught up in the middle eastern world and culture, its’ disconcerting and just nauseating to me. On the other hand there is history for one.  In addition, I have reached out to this other person in every way I know how, and have made it clear I want to be there for them, be ap part of their lives, but I have gotten no clear indication from them that they want that as well in any significant way.  I believe we have lots of common ground culturally, worldview, lots, but they are not knocking at the door directly saying I want you to fully come in and be part of my life, which is what they need to do.  I know there is uncommon ground with my past connection, but there is a reason for the wise sayings of our ancestors. Without a clear heart to heart, a clear indicator that this new connection wants me in their life in a full way, on a day to day basis, should that past connection come knocking, first, well the early bird as they say gets the worm.  It won’t be because I don’t want to be a part of the life of this new amazing person I have connected to, I do.  I also am not going to wait indefinitely and at this point in my life, not an option waiting and waiting and waiting.  It’s time to settle my life, put things in order lay all the foundations for the future, solidly.  As much as I haven’t given credence much to these sayings in the past, as I am getting older, I am doing so more and more.

With a sigh I say that the early bird may very well get the worm, and we will see if it will be the old connection or the new one, in the coming month.  I know my heart is rooting for the new.

Namaste, Shalom and Amen