The Enabler Bears A Darker Soul?

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Enablers of any addiction including sex be it the man or the woman bear perhaps a darker soul than the addict.  Enablers of addiction are not the only types of enablers, there are other types.  I am going to start with the enabling we are most familiar with, hear about most 

For whatever reason the enabler of a alcoholic, sex addict or any such addict will:

1. Ignore the addicts behavior, have difficulty expressing emotions

2. Be almost robotic in their life dealingsPput the addicts addiction ahead of everything, unless the addiction is being purposely ignores for personal ambitions as I believe Killary did

4. Avoid any situation of confrontation that would cause the addict to react in anger etc…

5. Lying to cover their behavior

6. Blame others for what is happening or any consequences

7. Resent the addict

That seems to fit the Killary, Slick Willy pattern, and from what those who worked and work security have to say she resents the heck out him, but yet she stays and I will not change my view that it is out of and always has been out of pure ambition that she stayed and never moved heaven and earth to get him into a rehab facility for the sex addiction.  This is my view, my opinion and I stand by it.

Safety and Safety Blanket Enablers:

Safety and safety blanket enablers can be those who never nudge, encourage, or push you outside of a particular world, or zone in your career, in terms of exploring your gifts, talents, always having you play it safe, stay with the familiar in your career in your life.  They measure everything by safety and security blankets, by duty and obligation and they ingrain that in others.  If you have parents that ingrain that in you and ingrain you to never go outside your comfort zone, play it safe, or you have people directing your career who do the same, well you may have a level of stability and a safety blanket, but are you truly living life, your dreams, your full potential, who you truly are meant to be as a person, as an artist, educator etc… Now, out of your box and comfort zone doesn’t mean reckless and no moral ethical boundaries, no.  On the other hand if you are never encouraged to move forward in any bold, courageous way, to not play it safe all the time, to wear your heart on your sleeve and truly feel, love, embrace love, and all that has the potential to encompass with the person who might very well be your truest soulmate, then are you truly living and alive?  If you don’t truly explore the spiritual and philosophical with your own heart, spirit and soul, but just embrace something because that’s what the family has always believed is that authentic and authentic to you?  One has to enable others to have wings to learn to fly outside of boxes, encourage that, love that they do when they do and if you can in any way be a part of that, join them in that journey, rejoice, it’s a beautiful gift you will have been given. 

Enabling can happen in so many ways on so many levels positive or negative and hopefully we give people wings to fly, to see their full potential and to live it and we do not cover up for their failings, when they are in need of help, we never let personal ambition come before that help.  In my next blog I will talk about how to stop being an enabler.

Namaste, Shalom and Amen