The Journey

Every day I wake up and I never know whether I will have  a fairly good day, an okay day or a tough day with the Fibromyalgia etc… and then there is my spiritual journey, my vocational journey, wondering will I be okay in different ways, even financially in the near future.  The journey is unpredictable, as one who grew up in a quite devout Catholic family, yet a number of family members seems to not truly embrace the teachings of the faith, moral teachings, social teaching, but never missed Mass etc.., my own journey has been one where I was always drawn to the metaphysical aspect of Christianity and also drawn to Judaism, have always wanted to study in depth Kabbalah, Zohar, not the occult which some use in connection to it and which has nothing to do with authentic Kabbalah. I found that the less bureaucratic Evangelical Christianity also appealed, but I kept being drawn back to Judaism and I watch Jewish Broadcasting Service channel and Israel24 News every day, soak it up, love it and on one of the other channels any program that is about metaphysics, metaphysical Christ Consciousness, and certain Universal Laws of Spirituality.  I came across this link and as I read these Universal Laws they resonated, as does Kabbalah, as does Judaism.  I love watching Israel24 news and the Jewish Broadcasting Service Station.  I am literally drawn to them, must be a reason.   Where all this will lead and fit into my coaching, I am starting to get a picture of it, but until I start actually doing live group coaching, and some other stuff, until I have completed some of the basic studies of Kabbalah and Metaphsical Universal Spiritual Laws, I can’t be sure.  I also had a blast from the past re-connect, send a message, and as was their pattern in the past, now disappear, no communication, nothing.  Where will this take me, if anywhere? Will they get in touch again, ever again, release any grudge etc.. they might still hold towards me? Will we be able to build something awesome?  Only if and when we reconnect fully can I know.  The journey may be smooth sailing the minute we reconnect, or we may have some bumps on the road initially.  Whatever the journey with my spiritual path, my vocation, relationships, I have to trust the process and that I can discern how to steer m own ship, own self through ti all, and come out stronger, a better person for it all.  

Namaste, Shalom and Amen

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