The Journey of Bridges Begun

Life and Liberty, God Bless America
The light shines within., going out in connection to the Divine Creator.

I have begun the road of light and bridges. What is that you ask, what light, what bridges?   I grew up remember in a very Catholic family, who was not very supportive of my notions of a career  in the arts, ,ever,  and who always felt Jewish and I have always been a writer in some way or form, who loves to sing and perform, so put all this together and you get a pretty strong “OY!” The Journey has been quite interesting, but where is it now?  Here is what I am doing and thus the bridges are being built, for me anyway.

  • Working with Project Developer Bill Russo at Shrine Church of Most Precious Blood to help the Italian Culture and the church thrive, thus staying connected to my heritage
  • Member at T&V Synagogue, active studies in Judaism, which is my “calling” along with the arts
  • Member of Jewish Science Center, and planning on being active there as well, looking at another aspect of Judaism
  • Bringing ideas of an artistic nature to both Jewish centers to be able to express my artistic side, and spiritual side both
  • Hoping to have the Church work on projects with T&V, as well as the Jewish Science Center, including artistic
  • Help Catholic-Jewish relations be as positive as possible
  • Continue my artistic journey, including writing and recording works in Italian

Am I living in two worlds? No.  I am Jewish in my heart and soul, always have been really, but I still have respect for the fact that my ancestral heritage is Italian-Catholic.  That will never change.