The Mighty Wind


I‘ve been asking God what the purpose of this global pandemic is and I had an interesting dream, ask and you shall receive huh.  Here is the dream, which was not like any other dream I have had prophetically or otherwise.

I was outside, in front of a church and stores, was a clear day, everyone was oblivious going about their business, suddenly this wind unlike any wind I have ever experienced came rushing through.  While it was powerful it was also majestic and people started getting caught up and dragged about, couldn’t hang on to anything, the gust would take them and they were screaming and cursing.  Myself and several others were not affected, we had no fear and no trouble staying standing where we were.  Then it calmed down and the heavens opened and I saw a shepherd with sheep, smiled and those of us standing waved unafraid, those caught up were scared straight.  I then found myself in an old home and mom was there and she said to me “You said ten years ago it was the beginning of all of it”  I responded that I knew, but I was fine with all that was going to be poured out upon the earth in the sense that I was at peace with my faith, Christ, and was doing what He was calling me todo.  I then woke up. 

Anyone with an ounce of discernment knows that we are in those end times, and it can be frightening and in no way should Prophets, etc… bring fear to the people, except they should.  I realize the reason I was able to stay standing was my firm faith in Christ and that I was committed to honoring what The Lord had for me to do.  If I didn’t have that firm faith and know this is all part of being in a corrupt and fallen world, state, and if I didn’t have a strong community in faith, I might not be standing.  I also might be in fear when a virus or terror attack hits, but I am not.  I also realized there is a difference between the Biblical Christian and the Secular Christian, both are sinners because of Eden, but one seeks to mold themselves and God to fit the earthly desires for pleasure, etc.. while the other truly seek the truths of the Word, those objective moral truths.  May I always be in the first group, so that as the judgments etc.. are poured out upon nations etc..I can stand firm and not be fearful.