The Ocean – Metaphor For Life and Art

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The Ocean – Metaphor For Life and Art


In life we are taught it is all about security and stability, at least for my mom’s generation and it was really all about things being fixed, never should their be flux, fluctuation, variation, none of that.  It was all about fixed, structured, predictable, all that jazz, but that really is a myth.  While There are certain things that I believe are clear according to common sense logic, that even nature has shown, general truths, even if mankind has decided to ignore them, defy them even, in general life is fluid.   What does that mean?

I didn’t quite understand, so I spend a lot of my life going in circles.  I didn’t focus on my art because I was trying to achieve this notion of stability according to external notions of stability, and trusting in external worldly sources of stability and to make things happen, transform my life as primary source.  That will usually lead to a lot of unhappiness and misery, confusion, and getting nowhere fast.  Life is like the ocean, it is liquid, in flux with high tide, low tide, riptides, calm waters, rough waters, friendly creatures and even hostile ones.  It is up to us to navigate the ocean waters with wisdom, a focused and sharp heart, spirit, and soul all in perfect alignment, authentic sacred truth with sound values, ethics etc.. that are constant, but also allow for change in plans according to high tide, low tide etc…  If we are too EGO based or stuck on a specific outcome, on momentary or personal gratification alone, then you wont navigate wisely and will drown in your own baggage and junk.  If we can stand back, dissolve the EGO, then we can realize that the only thing fixed is the truth of IMAGO DEI, and that our true self is Spirit, Energy, not things, not EGO, not about having it all our way etc… Then the Ocean and the fact that life is unpredictable wont be so scary.  Once I stopped looking outside and really connected to the spirituality of life day to day and found that clarity, calm, peace, tranquility and divine wisdom, ate daily from the Tree of Life, I was able to care about everything, but detach and see things as they were, not as I wanted them to be, start to.  That has started to make a huge difference, as I am not as impulsive in my decision making, but can still be spontaneous as I feel inspired, truly inspired as an artist and in my faith. There is balance, the ability to ride the tides, not having to have things the way I want them, but to allow them to flow, still have a general plan, but flexible on how I achieve it and open to alternatives to that plan if there happens to be a better one presented, a wiser one, and that is important, wiser is the key.

The same goes for my artistic path.  I could scatter energies trying to be an artist of many genres and be a recording artist, chase the big dream and fame, fortune all that.  However, that’s not who I am and I could play it safe and seek a big record deal as a songwriter and seek that so called stability, but that’s again an illusion, to seek that perfect financial stability at all times.  I could plan on how many poems I will write, albums I will record each year etc…, but again, I have no idea how or when I will be inspired to write, how often, on what topic, or when I will be inspired to record a song or just write a blog post.  Do I know I love poetry and music, as well as understanding the Bible in depth as much as I can, as well as meditating? Yes, so if I am going to be authentic to life, to myself and understanding that life is fluid and an Ocean then I have a general plan for my artistic path and life, but again, within that, no EGO of I have to be a big star or anything like that.  I just have the goal of writing, recording, sharing and those of you who enjoy my work, well, I hope you will support it and me as an artist.  Will there be high tides and low times financially, and in terms of inspiration, yes, but that’s okay, I will be wise in times of high tides.  As long as I don’t do anything from a place of EGO and simply selfish pleasure alone, then all will be fine and is fine.

Shalom and Amen