The Perversion of “Progress”


Children can no longer be children, songs can no longer be songs, the holidays can no longer be holidays and scripture is now a way to attack God and make false accusations of rape against the Creator, turn Mary into a victim of the #metoo movement. Children have to be exposed to all kinds of crap that take their childhood away and force a confused version of sexuality on them, of feminine and masculine.  Used to be a kid could have an all boys or all girls party without it turning into a discrimination fiasco, and schools were a place where you learned how to have a thick skin, how to debate, critically think, reason, also be in tune with the heart through literature, poetry, and music.  Holidays used to be a time for celebration, songs were not perverted to mean something other than just being a holiday song, a cute playful song.  You could enjoy life, the holidays, and revel in the joy of holiday activities at school, but now, can’t do any of that, no, the PC police will kick you, knock you down and destroy you if you try.  Non-Caucasian families used to be a family unit as scripture indicates it ought to be, single-parent household, not very common.  Then the progress came, the “helping”, including abortion and suddenly there was more incentive to have babies than to create families.  Now, holidays for African Americans and other “minorities” are not spent in a home together, a strong family unit and society pays the price financially and in every way, so no Merry Christmas.  Now, these genius academics are attacking scripture with a preposterous, mean-spirited notion that Mary was raped when she says herself she is the handmaiden of the Lord and rejoices in the Savior coming, that she is chosen as a vessel for this great event.  Now, we can’t even have Sacred Scripture and the Creator unscathed by the progressive lunacy of our Uber Modern Age, which is not progressing, is regressing to major stupidity and intolerance of the dark ages thanks to Academia, the Media and Progressive Politicos.  There is no room for dissent from the liberal progressive mindset and if you do they will do a seek and destroy mission of everyone and everything around you to destroy you.  If this is progressive, where Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer and Baby It’s Cold Outside are public enemies, then we have truly as a society gone loony beyond belief and are in need of some serious intervention from above!