The Problem, Not The Laws, People

Letting Go Never Easy, But Necessary
Sadness, but we must not be silent.

People keep balking about the laws, how crappy the laws are and how awful society is, and in 2018 Conservatives thought everything would change and the nation would take a right direction.  Problem with that and I am realizing that now, just how naive any of us were.

For this nation to truly change, you have to go a lot deeper than the laws.   You have to dismantle the education system that has been taken over by the liberal progressive left, so we can get back to a true classics curriculum and true classic liberal conservatism that says keep strict law and order, national sovereignty all that and government involvement to a minimum in our lives, honor the letter of the Constitution and the Federalist Republic as we are not a Democracy, which is why these marches that want a free for all, no borders, sanctuary everything really make no sense.  You have to really dismantle the education system that has lead to the radical progressive left and the snowflake society and generation.  You also have to dismantle the whole New World Order concept that we are a global society and national borders etc.. don’t mater.  Bull they do as God in the Bible makes it clear they do and he established the whole nation border thing and created Israel, so the New World Order of a free for all no borders, no national sovereignty or identity, no.  Not to say you can’t collaborate with other nations for common projects and stuff, but borders, cultural identity matter.  Even when you become a citizen of a new nation, yes you should assimilate as much as you can, but still retain some cultural identity from your ancestors, though of course nothing barbaric please.  The laws are made by people, by politicians at a local and national level, influenced by academia, the cultural atmosphere of the society, which is influenced by the world of academia and okay also Hollywood, so that would have to clean up, but good luck with that.  For this nation to clean up and society to clean up, well you have to have changes at several key levels:

  • Academia and education, total overhaul and that also means no unions holding schools hostage when they need to make changes to be student centered, a curriculum that emphasizes critical thinking, teaching core skills, communications and fire teachers who are incompetent or brainwashing with their own crap ideology, that includes colleges.  These people are also voters, potential voters, candidates even, and that can mean the making or breaking of our Republic, yes Republic dimwitted Americans, not Democracy, we are not that, so get over it!
  • The Church needs to get out of the PC correct crap mode.  I am not saying be mean about it, or cruel, but for the sake of souls, be clear about sin is sin and Christ as the salvation point.  Also, be clear about law and order, respect for law and order, national borders all of that.  Get it right, stop being a bunch of excessive bleeding hearts and part of the law breaking!  Seem harsh, not, reality.
  • Media.  Media needs to stop focus on ratings and focus on accurate, true precise news and separating news and editorial.  Even in the editorial, when they give it, use true statistics, accurate recent ones to back up your editorial, and logic Constitutional Common Sense.

Once these have gotten straightened out then we need to get very solid true Classic Liberals and Conservatives into office and reform the campaign system so that truly everyone has an equal chance financially of running a good race and not ending up in debt after.   Once these people are in office, in the judge’s chairs then laws can be made and defended etc… that are truly Constitutional and in line with a Republic.  Also those who vote won’t vote the same dimwits, the same useless dimwit politicos in over and over that do not honor or understand that we are not a Democracy and never must be one, but always a very strong distinction of powers Capitalist Republic!