The “Right Time”

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The light shines within., going out in connection to the Divine Creator.

When we are going to undertake a new adventure or speak to someone from the heart, relay our feelings etc.., we always try to think of the perfect timing, setting etc.., picture perfect, all our ducks in order as they say.  I guess ideally, yeah I can see that.

However, what is perfect and right timing?  How many ducks need to be in a row? What legal stuff needs to be fully sorted? We often find a million reasons not to do something just yet, not to speak our hearts quite yet because it’s not perfect timing, or not to embark on that great adventure to realize our dreams.  I kept waiting my whole life for the perfect time to do everything and what I am realizing is that is a myth, in terms of there is no perfect time.  So when is the right time to move forward with a project, a new journey, or expressing what is in your heart to another person?  When there is an opening on the other side quite simply.  As soon as you see an opening, the door open, start to walk through, and push it open further, you might be surprised at what happens, and you don’t have to knock it down all at once, you can push it open in stages, but take that first step. Waiting for the perfect time for everything does nothing really but add stress in a lot of situations.  One needs to do some meditating, and think about what is the first step one can take to go through the door, to push that door a bit more open when you see that opening, start to walk through.  The main thing is to find the courage within to start to walk through when you see that opening made available to you, to have faith, whether it’s to realize a vocational dream, true love, whatever it may be.  Again, there is no perfection in this life, but there are openings and doors for us to walk through and if we can see those and seize that wisely, then we can have an incredible life journey.  This is another lesson life has taught me, which I hope I never forget.  

Namaste, Shalom and Amen