The Roller Coaster…

This week I went to the ENT doc for sinus issues and next thing I know I am being asked for the results of my last thyroid scan and after she got that I get a call that we need to biopsy a few things.  I was not so much afraid or panicked because of the biopsy or what might come of it, but I was more pissed off because if my vocal cords are affected, how the heck am I going to record my poetry, songs, be a meditation coach and all the.  I have to remember something very important.  

See this image with the squiggly lines, well that is us, that is life.  Life is not one straight line but a series of squiggles.  Some days will be great and others won’t, and we don’t always have control over that, in terms of the circumstances.  Even when we screw up, it’s not the circumstance that is the issue, but rather how we handle it.  If my vocals are affected in any way, well that is why we have technology, so I can record it and have it mastered and I won’t sound like minnie mouse or something like that.  I can also use Fiverr freelancers to record my stuff.  Is it the same as my doing the recording myself, no it’s not.  If we can remember that life is a bunch of squiggles then we can navigate without fear and panic, but rather with discernment and wisdom.  This is where my faith comes in, where meditation comes in because prayer, meditation help bring one to a place of focus and discernment.  Am I happy that I have to have one or more biopsies and any aftermath of what might come from that? No, of course not, but I am in a place of calm, peace because I realize life is one big squiggly and whatever happens with technology etc.. I can still pursue my path.  That is why I can right the squiggly of life without freaking out.