The Shadow Includes

We are a bit complex, we humans and as “fallen” beings we have a mix of dark and light within.  Some have more light than dark and others more dark than light.  All of us have moments of darkness in how we act, react, etc…, even thoughts.  We think when we get angry when we act in ways that are unholy etc.. that God is surprised.  Well, He isn’t because He knows we all have a shadow self.  He also hopes that we work to discipline the dark side, so that is not what rules us, the anger, unholy choices etc…No, we won’t always make perfect choices and though I have worked through my baggage, I still have days where I get down when I think of what I wish I could have done differently.  The pain etc… like when things don’t pan out as I wished, hoped, can’t ignore it, but rather I have to find a way to work through it whether it’s physical pain or even emotional pain.  I can’t pretend it is not there, but I also can’t let it rule my life and that is the tricky part of life, finding that balance. I do so with meditation, prayer, and faith.  Even doing mandala coloring books and such help.  We each need to find that constructive path to working through the shadow, moving through it without losing ourselves in it.