The Slice or The Pie?

pie chart

It finally dawned on me, where the clash came from.  The pie or the pieces of the pie?  Huh, what the heck?  What am I talking about? Perspective.

I am approaching something from not only the aspect of keeping my word, but also having taught for over ten years the point of the whole pie, no matter what role you play in any organization, group, project, you look at the whole.  Though the ESL Lab TA’s were not the classroom teachers, we still had to teach the lesson plans given and at times we were asked our opinion, and when we taught after, we had to give holistic feedback to the classroom instructor.  If we thought there was anything outside of the academics that needed addressing, we made our voices heard on that, yours truly every time without fail, and firmly, to where the supervisors would tell the instructors in regards having me as TA for their class, just don’t mess with her babies, with what she cares about, she is fierce in fighting for and protecting that.  I was and in the sense of the whole picture, even in my advice to them, never to look at anything piecemeal, to always look at everything from the entire pie approach, even as they focused on their individual assignments.  I always told them to look at how this was going to benefit them in the long run years ahead and their children, everyone in their lives long term, never think only of now, of today, of this one class, how things tie together.  For our advanced ESL classes we paired up with other departments to teach things in broader context, as we realized nothing is ever in isolation and we were not the only ones responsible for teaching ESL, the other departments were also responsible in assisting in this and we also had to take responsibility for expanding their horizons.  

As I reflected last night on things, on recent events with a colleague I realized what was going on was the Pie and the Pieces.  He is one who does not look at things long range,  or from a holistic perspective in regards to his role in the parish.  He feels that things ought to be dealt with one piece at a time, worry about that piece then move on to the next piece then the next piece of the Pie Chart, keep doing that, no connection to the whole pie, no responsibility for the whole pie the baking of it, keeping it warm or cool or anything, just the Pieces of the Pie.  I on the other hand am looking at the whole Pie, how do we bake a whole pie, pay for the cost of the whole pie, then the pieces fall into place and how is our pie connected to the major baker, our mother Basilica and how do we cooperate and collaborate with them to grow.  For my colleague my pie approach, looking at the whole and being willing to do so, and put that forward is a bit overwhelming since Pieces of a Pie are a lot easier to work with at any one time than a Whole Pie, as some see it.  However, others that are to collaborate with the organization, project etc…often get frustrated if the approach taken is Piecemeal and only Piecemeal, if things are not coordinated among all related entities and for the long range, so while I understand that some, like my colleague prefer to work according to the Piecemeal approach, if one is asked to present a Whole Pie in order to save the organization, project etc.. and if those who are to collaborate also would require attention to the Whole Pie as well as the Pieces of the Pie, to dismiss that and ignore that is highly dismissive to everyone involved.  Holistic, long term shows seriousness and maturity, and when asked to move forward with that approach and not to do so, it says to those in authority who make that suggestion, screw you, could be viewed that way.  I will leave it to my colleague to take a piecemeal approach, though it has not worked so far, and will assist as best I can.  At the same time I will keep my word to put forth a holistic plan and pray for that to be a positive tool to be used for the organization to move forward for the long haul and to thrive.