The Title – Mosaic….

Why Mosaic?

Titles matter because they reflect the essence of the project, the core, so in trying to determine the title for this book, I had to figure out what it reflected. 

I originally was going to use the word Journey, but then decided not to.  Life is a journey from beginning to end and my journey has not ended, so it didn’t seem to fit, I had to go back and look at the poems and my life, observations so on and so forth.  I prayed, contemplated and the Holy Spirit inspired the word Mosaic.  A mosaic is a patter produced by small pieces of glass of various colors and such pieced together and my life has been that and for a lot of us in the arts, and whose parents divorced, deal with syndromes, have searched for spiritual truth for a long time we are a Mosaic.   Some of the pieces are painful, some are joyful, and some in between, but they sum up to make us who we are.   You see, life is also a Mosaic of experiences that makes us who we are with various experiences, friendships etc…, so it seemed quite appropriate to use this title. 

I look forward to future experiences that will contribute to other projects of art that I can share with you, other mosaics.