The Ultimate Tool You’ve Been Missing

Right now, it seems everyone is talking about meditation. And at this point, you probably know you should be doing it. You’ve heard the neuroscience behind it; you’ve read the articles about the countless benefits. Maybe you’ve even dabbled with free mindfulness apps or a drop-in studio.
But now that we know for sure it’s so good for us, why do you still think you’re too busy to meditate? Especially since many of the world’s top performers have outed themselves as meditators, including Bill Gates, Ray Dalio, Jack Dorsey, and Oprah.


It’s time to face facts: the ROI on time spent meditating is too great to ignore any longer. But the style matters. Some meditation was designed for monks. Some were designed or people with busy minds and busy lives.
Today, meditation is undergoing the same transformation that exercise did in the ’70s.
The evidence is pretty stacked — meditation will indeed make your life better. Why? Because it eliminates stress from your brain and body. And eliminating that stress helps you to sleep better, have a sharper focus, better decision-making skills, a stronger immune system, increased productivity, and even better sex.
So while you may choose to not have a meditation practice, you’ll inevitably be missing out on a ton of benefits by doing so.
This is why I’m so excited to introduce you to my friend Emily Fletcher. She teaches a completely different kind of meditation — and makes it fun and entertaining along the way.


The Ziva Technique is a powerful trifecta of mindfulness, meditation and manifesting. The mindfulness portion is like the appetizer course, consisting of techniques to immediately draw your awareness into the present moment. This is what most people have tried already. This is what most apps and youtube videos walk you through.


But the meditation portion — which will allow you to easily drift into a verifiable fourth state of consciousness is where the real magic happens — your metabolic rate slows, your breathing gets shallower, and you drift into a rest that is 5x deeper than sleep. Your brain and body will flood with dopamine and serotonin and within 40 seconds, you will be chipping away at the backlog of stresses you have saved in your nervous system.
The most enticing part of this technique, which you can learn in only 15 days in Fletcher’s video training program zivaONLINE is that once you learn it, you can’t unlearn it. It’s yours for life. No apps, wifi, or drop-in studios needed. You’ll have a self-sufficient practice that you can do anywhere, even at your desk, on the train, or anywhere you can sit in a chair.


I graduated from zivaONLINE, and the transformations I’ve seen have been extraordinary: deeper, more restful sleep; less anxiety and irritability; more energy and focus; and more time in my day to do the things that I love.