There Is A Time and A Season

I have meditated, prayed for a pathway in the artistic and spiritual realm combined for years and years.  I have tried on my own, wanting to do it all on my own to move forward.  Yet seemed nothing was really happening.  I thought nothing was, but I was wrong.

What I didn’t realize is that I was laying foundations and in recording and writing, doing what I was doing the spiritual journey, which was like a maze of sorts was all preparing me and building up my confidence for this time, this moment in time.  I am now reaching out to others to seek collaboration and realize I may not be a singer, so much as a storyteller and writer.   Maybe I had better stick with spoken word and writing and let someone else to the singing, the main singing, I can do background or something like that.  I realize that I have to reach out to spiritual institutions that resonate with me and offer to collaborate, to even record albums to sell and part it go to support their organization.  I am hoping to do that with a Jewish Center on 39th street.  Whether I make a lot on the sales or a modest sum, that is not the point, the point is reaching out to collaborate with others, others of like mind, philosophy so I can inspire and be inspired.  Praying alone won’t make the mountain move, I have to be part of the creative process to move it out of the way.  I have to allow myself to be divinely guided as to how I achieve what the divine has inspired in my heart.

I hope this helps to stimulate your creativity and creative path, wisdom, spiritual inspiration.