Things To Know About Life With Fibromyalgia


Illness and death are not signs of failure; what is a failure is not living. Our goal is learning to live joyously and lovingly”-Bernie Siegel

Normally fibromyalgia starts with muscular pain in legs and hips, then it will result in fatigue and finally leads to insomnia (sleeping problems). When you  are first diagnosed with fibromyalgia you may feel like the whole world is finished, but after some time you know that you can move on with it. But it wants to be easy, it takes a lot of patience, determination, discipline and lots of positive attitude to spending the rest of living happily. Sometimes you may feed up with your life and you might go through kind of death, but still, you have a life that can live with some behavioral changes. Most of the people begin with denial and try to move on by engaging in normal household activities and work. However, if you can afford, staying home is better than going to work.

First of all, you need to have a sound knowledge of fibromyalgia. You can read books, health magazines, blog posts or even join local support groups. Now there are support groups for fibromyalgia. While you are on medication you might seek complementary treatment methods like physical therapy, aqua therapy, acupuncture, tai chi, and chiropractor. This is absolutely normal and many people find these treatments are effective than the internal medicine. There is no harm to try one of these if you feel that you have better results.

Secondly, it is important to maintain your body healthy and keep you active. You can overcome sedentary lifestyle due to fibromyalgia through aerobics, walking, swimming, simple yoga. 10-20 minutes of exercise can help you to pain relieve and reduce fatigue. Additionally, this will help your body to develop strength and flexibility and finally help in relaxation. So it is also important to your emotional well-being because it can reduce the impact of negative emotions like anger, depression and despair.

Furthermore, you can relax your body and mind further through meditation. You can learn effective ways of mediation via mediation instructors. When you practice it daily you will notice that the physical tension you had carried for so long was decreasing gradually, allowing your body to relax. At the same time, you can make some lifestyle adjustments that can help to control your symptoms of fibromyalgia. Mainly focus on identifying the stressors that cause stress and how to avoid them. 

Last but not least, you need to reach out to people who had been part of her life. Might be loved ones, friends, and relatives or even a support group. Sometimes you can obtain a service from a therapist. However, listen to each other and problem-solve together All these will help you to live a more positive and bright life in future even though you have fibromyalgia.