This Independence Day

Never has this been more evident than today, seeing what is going on around us the lawlessness, the anti Christ spirit, this hatred for anything of God, of virtue of scriptural truth.  Franklin as well as other Founding Fathers, imperfect duh due to being human beings, understood that when you take away love of God, Family, Country you destroy a nation, when you take away law and order, wisdom in governing that comes from scriptural principles, a nation will fall.  There is a difference between true justice, as God teaches us in Holy Holy Word, via very thoughtful as Catholics would say Fathers of the Church, and justice based on what I feel, flavor of the day etc… Rather than accept what the mainstream media, what the academics teach in the classroom, get out there and do our own research.  True, leaders have not always made the best decisions, but if we are to look at other nations, their crap, restrictions on religious freedom, on speech, as nearby as Canada, let us be grateful for those old white dudes who founded this Republic, understood as flawed as they were as people the importance of the Judeo-Christian faith, those ethics etc… Let’s be grateful we are a Republic, we can express ourselves even to say sin is sin, suck it up, that’s the truth!  We should be able to, and I should be able to call BLM, Antifa, and groups on the far right also that engage in violence of any kind domestic terrorists, especially as it is appearing more and more to be true, that such elements exist in these groups.

As we hear chants of “f–ck the fourth” we must respond with “God Bless the USA”.   If we are to take back our country from the would be communists,  domestic terrorists, then the cries of “God Bless..” must be much louder than the chants of “fu–ck you…”  Let us be a truly virtuous and just nation, One nation under God, indivisible with liberty and justice for all, but the right kind of justice, not anything goes, no objective morals justice, that’s not justice, that’s stupidity.