This is Faith

Faith can be tough to define and I have been on a long and winding road in terms of faith and what believe, where I belong, it’s been a roller coaster, but as peace has come into my heart, spirit and soul, no matter what is going on and the way I have moved forward with my artistic and coaching endeavors, each day doing what I am guided to do in prayer and meditation, not having a fixed expectation of where it all will go, end up I am realizing this is very much part of faith.  When I came across this poem I thought it summed up Faith beautifully.  

Faith means we prayerfully take the road perhaps least or never taken because fear kept us  back, held us back. Taking a deep breath, breathing through any difficult moment knowing this too shall pass, may not end up the way you anticipated, but breath and know this too shall pass.  Know that if we can operate from a place of daily gratitude for the good things, great memories etc.., and know there is a Creator, a  rhyme and rhythm to everything, then we can get through the dark moments.  It’s okay to cry and cry out to Creator, and if we don’t sense a presence immediately or that night, we cry out again the next night and might do it several times, believe that though there is no echo we can visibly hear, if we cry out with your heart, not our head, Creator, wisdom will break through and reach us.  Often life etc.. is determined by perspective and that includes how we feel about others etc..  If we can see the pebble as a jewel of creation and when we see the stick on the ground realize it is part of a tree, not just some lone branch, but part of something, we can get to the light.  Life brings a mix of stuff, some not so pleasant whether caused by external forces, situations or our own bad judgement, if we can smile keeping all this in mind, gratitude for the good stuff especially, we can smile with faith in the Creator, rhyme and rhythm of life, just as we have for the seasons of the year, we can get from dark to light and remain in the light no matter what.  These are the lessons I am learning in my faith journey, in my life journey moving through fibromyalgia and all it’s junk.  I can still smile through it all, and I can cry out in the night, in silence even and I know that I am being heard, and the response will come as the Creator, as the universe sits fit.  I am okay with that, took me a long and winding road to get here, but I got here.  

Namaste, Shalom and Amen