This Is Why Creator Created Boundaries

You Disappointed Me.jpg

How often do we know a relationship is toxic, is morally wrong etc…, but we ignore and go in anyway?  How often do adults create in children such a sense of unworthiness that they then make lousy relationship choices?  The list of questions on this can go on and on.  When we enter into situations and relationships that are contrary to integrity etc…, especially when we have the discernment to know they are, it won’t matter how we try to justify it, there will be pain and disappointment.  There may be not only heartbreak in terms of what the other person did or did not come to do, but also disappointment in self, heartbreak with self and thus confidence shattered, leading to more negative stuff.  When God, inspired the putting forth through scripture of clear boundaries, behaviors etc.. it wasn’t to be controlling, it was so we would be spared all the pain and disappointment of bad, unholy choices, what they would bring.  Same often with good parents, they may seem like they are meddling etc…, but they’ve lived through, seen a thing or two, know a thing or two more than a teen or even 20 something, maybe even a 30 something may know.  When someone truly prayerful, knowledgeable, with solid life experience, gives a piece of advice, tries to intervene, don’t dismiss it, not saying automatically adopt it, but maybe reflect on it, reflect on scripture connected to it and what they mean. Don’t repeat in your life’s journey and choices, decision making, the mistake in the Garden of Eden.  Seek counsel, prayerfully, meditate some, and if you have some solid people to advise,  awesome, see what they have to say, maybe one really wise person who understands this quote, about boundaries all that stuff.  I hope this quote can help you in your decision making and serve as a guide in life.

Shalom and Amen