Thoughts are Alive

Dark violet fractal flower pattern
The Future is Also the Present.

Physicists will tell us that the neurons in our brain are alive, and so it is a quantum event as those in the field of consciousness evolution say. One’s thoughts become an event, a call to action to an extent, or inaction, as they can also paralyze us, imprison us. It would seem the that we have the production of neuropeptides resulting from thoughts, feelings, emotions that are then sent to the bloodstream and can put all kinds of stress on the body and are also sent out into the ether.

There are different levels of frequency, of thought and vibration that reside within and go out into the ether, low, medium and high. Low relates to serious problems, crime, illness, and strong fear. Medium relates to discomfort, fear, static, being stuck, mild illness, and being malcontent.   High are those of creativity, spirituality, problem solving, joy, and happiness Life is about cause and effect and whatever is going on in life, the world has a vibration and frequency cause, whether it is coming from us directly or indirectly, even the atmosphere around us, those around us, there is vibrational root to what is going on, positive and not so positive.  Does that mean that if something bad happens in that moment it’s because the person which it on themselves or the child etc…? No, of course not. However, we have continuously put into the ether so much energy and thought pattern of victimization, of hatred, of division of corruption, manipulation, untruth, including the media, gender confusion, general thin skin and paranoia, that it is on wonder our world is topsy turny.   It is your subconscious mind that is the storehouse of your deep-seated beliefs and programs.  It is in that part of the consciousness that we have to delve into and affirm positive patterns of behavior, actions and reactions, of responsibility and maturity. We can still be creative, spontaneous, warm, wonderful beings, but we also have to be responsible in our decisions, thoughts, what thoughts we have for ourselves and put out there. I like to use the analogy of the traffic light, red, yellow, green. If I have having a panic thought, an anxiety thought about money or anything, I literally will tell myself “stop” I will see a red light as the anxiety, then I will move on to see yellow light, pause, and then switch to green light solution, If I am sleeping I will do that until I return to sleep and a solution will likely present itself in a dream, in some way. I do not ignore things, but I choose not to let worry, fear or negative thought patterns overtake me, big difference.

It has taken awhile to go from worry,, stuck and fear to moving beyond that, but it is well worth it. Like any other skill, it takes practice. It is very much worth it.