Three Birthday Wishes

Life and Liberty, God Bless America
The light shines within., going out in connection to the Divine Creator.

As my Birthday approaches, August 4th, I find myself asking if I could be granted three wishes, what would they be?  That is something we should think very carefully of if we had that change.  

However, in listening to my heart, one wish I guess immediately came to mind, didn’t have to think about it.  I would wish circumstances had been different in every way and a particular relationship would have worked out very differently for us both, that it would have worked.  The connection was there, no doubt the love also, even now the connection is still there, psychic bond is there, never faded, still strong, mutually I am sure.  Circumstances, our own personal baggage made it really rather difficult for that to be.  There is still a bit of frustration on my part about how caught up he is in  a world that is not his, and who he has thrown his, his own roots under the bus, a sore point for me, as is his far progressive leanings, but in spite of all that, the psychic connection, soul connection is still strong, hasn’t faded, never will.  I thought about what I would do if they should up on the road to free and clear wanting a second chance to get it right, right before my birthday what I would do.  I smiled and realized I’d accepted as a birthday gift, so long as they would be free and clear, so long as that would be the destination and it would be followed through on, no exception.  Any differences of philosophy, ehhh, no one agrees on all things all the time, what matters is the heart.  

As for the other wishes, well one would be to have the right partner to support me and make the journey with me as I work to build my path as an artist and life coach, to really be there with me inspiring, encouraging, helping me network, being there for me, and I would want to be there for them in any capacity they need me to as well.  The other wish is to have every resource for the full unleashing and to be living my full potential as an artist, as a transitional and transformational life coach, the quiet space, every resources.  I love my 92 year old mamma, but I basically out of a false sense of guilt I now realize did not create a life for myself to be her constant companion and self sabotaged myself career wise, didn’t really pursue my dreams for that very reason, feeling that as my dad had abandoned her, us, my being an only child her not really being fluent in English I had to stay by her side.  It was not wise.  She didn’t realize what I was doing, or if she did subconsciously, she encouraged it. I would wish for every resource to have my own space etc…, everything to really fly as an artist and in my vocation. As I said foremost, I would wish to turn back time and have circumstances everything be different necessary to be different so that relationship could thrive, succeed in every way, every sense.  

We shall see what versions of those three wishes I get for my birthday.

Namaste, Shalom and Amen