Thriller Generations, Modern Disease

mourning us

Thrill me, thrill me now, thrill me every day, must have a new today, new toy that makes my heart pitter patter and makes my head spin ooooooh!!!!  That goes for Mass, and church and everything okay!

No, I am not joking, nor am I being sarcastic, this is today’s world, all generations included.  Everyone is running around every day looking for a thrill a minute, must be stimulated on all levels every day, and if I am not then I abandon ship, find a new whatever.  I am not saying that one ought to be in truly miserable relationship where there is no love, no common ground, really miserable, or a church where there is wrong doctrine a whole lot of crap that can’t seem to be fixed going on, or a job that is truly wrecking your health.  We seem to be in a society, in a time where no matter the generation, people want constant instant gratification and to be thrilled, excited, stimulated, can’t seem to be stimulated, excited by the simplest things in life, such as peace and calm, nature, cuddling, sharing a meal, writing a song together, simple things, a beautiful Mass, a great sermon, a great Britcom, such as The ones on PBS every Tuesday, or Montalbano on Rai every Friday.  As a result, you have people running around like chickens without heads volunteering for a million things, signing up for a whole bunch of meetups that they never even participate in etc…, and in essence being effective at none, being convoluted.  I have realized that society really has lost all sense of what true excitement is, what true joy is, myself included, and has forgotten that true success comes from focus on what one’s true passion is.  This wanting instant gratification all the time, constantly wanting to be thrilled, entertained etc.., to prove anything to anyone about how gifted etc.. we are to anyone, to do anything except to share that which God has gifted us with is a road to nowhere in the end.  Even relationship wise, not that I don’t appreciate friendship, I do, very much and would not ever want to be without it in my life, ever.  However, I still pray for that very special relationship with someone that I can be in artistic, creative partnership with the rest of my life, and we can work within the faith community to inspire, teach and so much more.  Someone who doesn’t think being focused on one purpose, one thing in life is “boring”, who can find great excitement and pleasure every day in that, in our work in the arts etc.. as a team, in simple things, including PBS on Tuesday night and Montalbano on Friday night.  If I am in a partnership work or otherwise where the person is constantly seeking a new thrill, new excitement, then there is no way for anything to get accomplished.  We both have to find “excitement” and “thrills” within the situation, the partnership long term for anything to get accomplished, done, doesn’t matter if it’s a professional or a personal one, always respectfully according to the circumstances of course, but keeping it fresh and alive, still core stability.    That also means getting to know the other person, so quality not quantity is key.  Today people have loads of friends it seems, but how many really deep connections of heart, spirit and soul do we have, ones where we can truly be ourselves, open up about all our life’s pain etc… and know it’s okay, we will still be loved at the end of the day, where we can have a knock out, drag out verbal banter of differing opinion, still be loved at the end of the day? How many of those do we have in today’s modern disposable world and world of have to have instant gratification etc…, easily get bored so on and so forth, get involved in a million things, don’t excel at any one thing because I am running around like a chicken without a head until I drop?   We also end up with a lot of social anxiety disorder, dissatisfaction, snowflakes and need for therapy etc…, nanny state in so many ways, a generally messed up humanity.

Thus, for a society that is supposed to be advanced due to technology etc… and have matured, doesn’t seem we have done so very much does it?